Wood Coffee Table vs Glass Coffee Table

Wood Coffee Table vs Glass Coffee Table. Which is Better?

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For a home interior, wood coffee table and glass coffee table are good choices for making the home decoration more beautiful.

Some home owners are interested in wood coffee table while some others are interested in glass coffee table.

Actually, which one is better? The wood coffee table or the glass coffee table? Probably each has its plus and minus.

Therefore, let’s consider which one is better for you.

Wood Coffee Table

Wood coffee table will be very appealing for people who want to have a classic and rustic decoration for their house. This kind of table will help the home owners to make it stand out apart from the other furniture inside the house.

Before choosing wood coffee table which has unfinished woods, the home owner should consider the current décor so that the chosen table will fit the current décor. A wood coffee table with unfinished wood may be stained therefore you should consider so it will not disrupt the color scheme of the other house decoration.

Wood coffee table living room decoration

Glass Coffee Table

Glass coffee table is appealing for people who likes elegance. Interestingly, the home owner is able to choose a wide range of shapes for this table. You can choose round, rectangular, or even oval table. Furthermore, the legs of the table can be constructed from brass legs or wood.

Talking about the function, glass coffee table is strong although it is shorter than the wood coffee table. If you are thinking about safety, you can buy rounded edges glass coffee table. Besides, glass coffee table also gives more space for the room. Glass coffee table is also very easy to take care of.

Glass coffee table living room decoration

Wood Coffee Table or Glass Coffee Table?

In general, if you have small kids then the wood coffee table is more suitable, especially for its safety. As we know, glass table is very risky and the shattered glass will be very dangerous. For the extra maximum, it is better to choose the rounded edges table.

Furthermore, if you want a table which can be the centerpiece then wood coffee table suits you best. However, if you want a table which is able to blend with the background, then you should choose the glass coffee table.

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How to Choose the Most Suitable Table?

After knowing the detailed information about wood coffee table and glass coffee table, you can consider each aspects to choose one suits you best. However, since both of the tables are good, you may find it difficult to choose one. Therefore, these are some general things that you should consider before buying either wood coffee table or glass coffee table.

1. Budget

The first consideration is the budget for the table. Coffee table price is vary from the most budget friendly to the most expensive one. As a home owner probably you will have a specific budget for each home decoration, especially if you are a new comer.

Therefore, you should know your own budget for the coffee table. In term of prices, the glass coffee table has more variation for the budget friendly objects. So, it suits you best if you want to save your budget for the other things.

2. Shape

In choosing a coffee table, shape will be main consideration because it will affect the whole decoration of your room. As mentioned before, for the safety reasons, rounded edges is more appropriate compared to the curved edge table.

Furthermore, the rounded table also gives more spaces to walk around. Both of wood and glass coffee tables have many shapes. Therefore, you can choose either rounded wood table or rounded glass table. Both tables are okay in term of shape.

3. Size

Considering the size of the table is a must because you may have little space to put the table or you probably have larger. So, make sure that you know where you will put the table so you can know the proper size of the table.

In this case, you should consider the height of the table because the shorter table is more preferable than the tall coffee table. Thus, if you need shorter table, you can choose glass coffee table because it is shorter than the wood coffee table.

4. Functionality

This is very important to consider of. You have to know whether the table is only for decoration or you need to put a lot of things on it. Some tables may have extra shelves but some other not. If you choose the table only for the decoration, then the wood coffee table is more preferable.

However, if you need a table with extra storage then the glass coffee table is a good choice. After all, you decide yourself based on your need.

5. Style

People have different interest in term of style. Some people prefer modern style some others prefer vintage style, some prefers formal while others choose informal. Therefore, before choosing whether wood or glass coffee table, you need to think about your own style.

If you want the modern style then glass coffee table will bring the modern vibe in your room. Meanwhile, if you like classic style then the wood coffee table is more suitable.

Here some design for wood and glass coffee table. Check it out.

6. Material

This is related to the main topic which is the material of the coffee table. There are wood coffee table and glass coffee table. Even the glass coffee table is supported with different material of table’s leg to make it more sophisticated.

Considering both materials, it can be seen that the glass is more brittle because it can break easily than the wood coffee table. Wood table is stronger than the glass table and it can afford heavier object. So, if you want to put a lot of things on it, the wood coffee table is the best choice.

Talking about which one is better, both tables are good with their own strength. For example, the wood table is better than the glass in term of material while the glass table is better than wood in term of price.


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