Large Dining Room Wall Décor

4 Large Dining Room Wall Décor

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Dining room is not merely about a place for serving food. If we as homeowner don’t pay enough attention to how a dining room, especially the ones with large wall, the dining space will end up with a dull wall.

Be aware enough of dressing up your dining room wall by livening the blank and large space up with some wall décor.

We’ve got you some great examples below:


1. Art in Every Corner

Why letting you large dining room be empty if you can have your own gallery wall? An apartment in New York City using the design of maximalist has perfectly shown homeowners that instead of letting the large wall be boring, making an extensive gallery on one of dining room’s walls can bring a new touch of life to the room.

To make the best gallery wall possible, divide you wall stark into some parts and get a right section for mirrors, collage of art, and a range of larger paintings.

Large wall art dining room wall decor

2. A Mirror to Prop the Large Wall Up

Mirror has been deemed an easy way to decorate a blank large wall. You can surely do similar thing! Prop a mirror up against one of your dining room large walls. Mirrors have the ability to open up a space and Amanda Seyfried’s Catskills retreat has shown it the best.

If your dining room wall was painted in white, choose a mirror with dark frame. You can also use rustic frame for your mirror.

No matter what style the frame of the mirror is, just make sure the color suit the overall palette.

Mirror for large dining room wall decor

3. Hang Antique Plates

If you are a collector of antique plates, don’t let your collection stay behind the door of a cupboard! Hang them on you dining room blank wall and have your dining guests admired them.

An example of decorating large dining room wall with an array of antique plates comes from Connecticut country house.

Dutch plates, Sri Lanka plates, and unique plates from India can be found on the house’s kitchen-dining room areas. You don’t need wall painted in white to hang your plates.

In this house, the walls were painted in matte red and it matches well with the colorful plates.

Unique Plates for Large Dining Room Wall Decor

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4. A Ladder to Prop the Large Wall Up

You don’t like propping up a mirror? Get a ladder instead! The vacation house of Martha’s Vineyard has perfectly shown how a ladder can be a chic addition to a blank white dining wall.

Choosing a ladder from Lostine, the homeowner propped the ladder up against one side of the dining room walls.

To add a bit more touch of art, the ladder was placed next to an artwork that brings breezy personality to the room.

To get the best overall look of the dining room design, choose the same color or shades for the ladder and the dining table.

Ladder Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

Prop up! Hang something! Decorating the large walls of your dining room can be easily done. Infuse a new character to the dining space and don’t let the opportunity to liven up the room be into a waste. No matter what colors your dining room walls are in, there are choices for you.

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