Interesting Dining Room Wall Color Ideas

5 Dining Room Wall Color Ideas to Adopt Now

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Dining room is supposed to be inviting, relaxing, and enchanting at the same time. Decoration alone is often insufficient.

We need more details to engage, and this is the time when the wall color affects a lot in the final atmosphere.

Here are several recommended colors to use today that also guarantee you vibrant nuance in the room.


1. Tan and Maroon

If you target for a little elegance in the dining room, you should consider most of the wall with red maroon. This is a regal color.

It gives you authoritative feeling yet it doesn’t give you any over bearing touch at the same time. The best as well as most intriguing match for this color will be the tan.

If you need recommendation on the color, Benjamin Moore Raisin Torte is perfect. For the tan, you should consider using Jackson Tan for the wainscot with a little White Dove touch for a little accent.

Tan and Maroon Dining Room Wall Color Ideas

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2. Bronze Dining Room

A dining room can’t have too much brown in it. Therefore, you should consider using bronze for more highlighted and radiant finish. If you choose the right combination, you will get a very alive dining room to invite the guests in.

Dutch Boy has just the right palette for this plan. Woonsocket Bronze will make perfect color for the dining room. For fresher touch, you should use the Dancing Leaf and add some more accents with Cypress.

Bronze wall dining room color ideas

3. Classic White

Why don’t we adopt the country and natural atmosphere by applying plain white color for the dining room wall for a classic look? Of course, we will need other palette too, and white is great with almost anything.

Take some inspiration from Ralph Lauren’s house, we should have a tremendously lovely palette to apply.

While the wall should be all painted in picket fence white, we need bolder accent to make it alive. We can finish the door with walnut for warmer touch, and trim it with black Warwick lodge for modern finish.

White Color Dining Room Wall Idea

4. Neutral Brown

If you want more relaxing dining room, you should consider using neutral color. Brown is always welcomed in a dining room, and yes, we need brighter trimming to make it lighter. You may need to selectively set your palette.

Brown shade with verging on neutral is favourable. It will make pleasant atmosphere for the dining room. Trim the brown with white shade for brighter and lighter look.

Brown wall color dining room ideas

5. Blue in True

Even though many experts will agree that you need to be careful while wearing blue in the dining room, it can be very refreshing as well. The key is to keep it airy and light so it isn’t too heavy or overwhelming.

Aqua Smoke shade from Olympic Paint & Stain is a perfect color for a dining room. For accents, you should consider a little combination of Moroccan Moonlight, Blackberry Jam, Rattan, and Brown Clay here and there.

Blue dining room wall decorations

So now you have more than enough alternatives for your dining room wall color. Choose one that suits your personality and interior best. Be creative and try some more combination for the accents.

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