Rustic Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

5 Rustic Dining Room Wall Décor

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Do you need a serious assistance on your rustic dining room wall décor? You are at the right place, mate! Rustic is timeless as well as exquisite! As a homeowner, you better not ignore what rustic touch can do to your dining room.

Express your creativity and channel your character through rustic dining room wall decors. Get some inspirations below!

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1. Rustic Typography

Who says that giving your dining room a new addition of wall décor can only be purchased? Why not making it by yourself? This simple yet elegant rustic typography saying eat can turn your dining room into warmer and more welcoming dining space.

What you need to consider when making this kind of artwork is the font type of the typography, the materials, the letter size, and also the spot at which you are attaching the artwork. It is rustically unique!

Rustic Dining Wall decor Ideas with Typography

2. Rustic Mirrors

Mirror mirror on the wall, which room is the most gorgeous among all? Head to the nearest thrift store and purchase very cheap mirrors!

Find the ones look worn out, rustic, old, and frameless to get the best rustic touch possible for the dining room.

If you want to make the mirrors more rustic, give the mirrors dark walnut stains and some paints from Rust-Oleum Chalk in white shade. Then, sand them down.

To add some extra beauties, attach a beautiful wreath on one of the mirrors top by hanging it using a ribbon bow. What can be more rustic than it now?

Rustic dining room wall decor with mirrors

3. Hanging Mason Jar Sconces

Insert some glowing light to your dining room by hanging some mason jars that come with hydrangeas. These jars even can help you brighten up the dark corners of your dining room.

This wall décor is another DIY project, meaning that you can make it yourself! Garb some mason jars, iron hooks, and wood planks. Attach the jars to the wood plank and put some fairy lights inside the jars.

Give a final touch to the jars with some twines. This is going to be a new gorgeous rustic accent for your dining space.

Mason Jar Sconces for Rustic dining wall decor

4. Wine Bottle Vase Trio

Don’t let the empty wine bottles be clutters to your dining room or kitchen! Turn them into decorative items for your dining space instead.

Go grab some reclaimed woods that will be used to attach the recycled wine bottles.

Add some copper hardware from the shop and put some flowers there. This dining room wall décor is not going to save you lots of bucks, it is also going to be a wall décor that is cost friendly.

Wine Bottle Vase Trio rustic dining wall decor ideas

5. Wall Picture Display

Give your dining room a wall décor of this charming picture display! Go show your family members and your dining guests some beautiful moments of your life!

All you need to make this (Yes! Another DIY Wall décor!) are just different pieces of wood, metallic cord, pins, and of course the pictures.

Attach the cord to the pieces so you can hang the pictures. Attach the string to the woods, and the woods to the wall. Voila! You just got a new wall décor!

Wall Picture Display Dining Room Decor Rustic

Giving a rustic touch to your dining room wall is not necessary to be pricey. Sometimes what you need is just the unused things around you that you want to discard. While you can declutter your house, you can also decorate your dining room. What a kill two birds with one stone thing!

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