Contemporary abstract Dining Room Wall Art Ideas

5 Dining Room Wall Art Ideas

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Don’t let plain and monotonous designs stay any longer in your dining rooms. Don’t let them diminish the comfort of your dining time.

Turn your dining room into a more stylish space so that you can enjoy your meal time as best as possible.

Here are some ideas on dining room wall art to get you started with decorating your dining room.


1. Abstract Design

Abstract design can be a groovy choice for giving a touch of art to your dining room wall. It is also a nice choice as you are supposed to choose something not too specific for the room.

Abstract design is versatile. It can fit in many different decors and spaces. One of abstract design examples is this simple paint of paper airplane.

This paint surely gives the room more color. Even more, this paint turns to be the focal point of the dining room.

abstract wall art dining room

2. More Varieties of Arts

Why limiting yourself to a type of art only if you can mix and match many kinds of arts for your dining room wall art? Your dining room wall can deal with more varieties of art and decor.

As shown in the picture below, you can try combining some decorative paper artwork or decorative plates with portrait that is framed.

Although you can combine many kinds of artwork, you still need to be careful in choosing the colors of the artwork so they can get on well with the colors of the other dining room units.

Artwork for dining room walls

3. More Abstracts for the Room

In the first idea above, it is stated that you can use a piece of abstract artwork to decorate your dining room wall. Now, we have Ylab Arquitectos offering more than one piece of abstract artworks for living room.

The designer chose two abstract paintings to be displayed on the wall. The paintings beautifully framed in slender black.

The overall look of the dining room is so on point as all the colors coming from all the dining room units are perfectly matched. They match the entire palette, making this room look so elegant.  

Rustic Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

4. A Grid of Artworks

Here comes more number of artwork displayed on the wall of dining room. This idea of attaching a grid of artworks that are beautifully framed is so funky it gives the dining space a new character.

As you need to arrange many artworks and or images together at the same area, you better not forget to link the color of the artworks to the ones in the overall palette or to the common theme of the dining room.

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5. Framed Painting on a Table

This art can be a good choice if you want to decorate your dining room table but you don’t want to scratch any inch of the wall.

As shown in the picture, the wall-mounted paintings are added to the room without being hanged to the wall.

This painting can be placed either on a table or a shelf. This wall art idea gives the dining room simple yet stunning fine-tuned look.

Framed painting for wall dining room

Be it one or more than one articles added to the dining room as wall art, a new addition to your dining room wall is needed. Refine the look of your dining room by giving it a new touch of art so that the feeling of being in the room can be different.

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