Simple Warm Dining Room Wall Décor with Plates

Interesting Idea Dining Room Wall Décor with Plates

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If you think a dining room ought to be plain and or boring, you are in a complete wrong! You can do many things with your dining room walls, including giving them wall décor.

Amongst all the choices of giving dining room wall décor, why not giving plates a chance to beautify the walls? Lack of idea? Check some references below!

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1. Pops of Turquoise

This idea of giving your dining room wall décor can be a perfect idea if you have your dining rooms painted in soft green.

Don’t let the green be boring! Arrange some plates on the wall and give a little element of surprise by combining white and turquoise plates.

To give the plate more variations, use plates that are in different sizes and shapes. Also, give the wall décor a focal point by attaching a big mirror in the middle of the plate arrangement. The final result would be a big mirror surrounded by white and turquoise plates.

Dining Room Wall Décor with Plates Pops of Turquoise

2. Dorset Stable Conversion

Do you fancy green? Try this wall décor idea! Install some chandelier on your dining room wall and give it silk shades so that the light can be directed down.

Then, collect some plates in different shades of green, be it darker or softer green.You can try arranging some plates from Moroccan German, Majolica from Spain, Italian plates, and others.

Arrange the plates around the chandelier in such a way a kind of green shade won’t dominate a certain part of the arrangement. Spread the plates in different shades of green equally.

Green dining room table with plates wall decor ideas

3. Seacost Rustic Modern Dining Room

Get rid of traditional design in your dining room by creating a colorful composition of plates on your dining room wall.

The arrangement of the plates can also be a good idea to define a certain area in your dining room.

You can also make a visual link in your dining room by hanging the plates by your dining table. Again, arrange plates in different colors and sizes.

Then, arrange them in any composition that you like: cloud shape, non-symmetrical pattern, wave shape, or the shape of your choice.

Yellow and blue fish theme plates for dining room wall decoration ideas

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4. Mural Plates

This kind of wall décor with plates can be so elegant with a black or dark dining room wall. Collect some plates in white color and in different sizes.

To make the arrangement, avoid positioning the plates in a grid. Try making a flowing mural instead!

At first, it seems random, but the cream or white color of the plates will create the continuity in the wall décor. The cream or the white color of the plates will also create a beautiful contrast on the wall.

The contrast can even work better when the plates are arranged on a wall painted in matt charcoal shade.

Look at how plates can change the look of your dining room, no matter what kind of arrangement, the composition, the shape, the color, and the texture are.

Plate is simply an easy idea to make a wall décor as this is an item that is commonly associated with eating and food. Give it a try yourself!

Mural plates for dining room wall decor ideas

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