Interesting Dining Room Wall Décor Shelves Ideas

Amazing Dining Room Wall Décor Shelves Ideas

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Let your dining room walls speak and entertain. Let them bring some characters and interest to the room.

One of the ways to realize it is by installing some wall décor shelves. Find out the choices of shelves that you can use below:

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1. Built-in Shelves

Turn the dining room in your penthouse to be more elegant by constructing some built-in shelves. Make the shelves wrapping around the three sides of the wall.

To avoid a boring look from the shelves, make some variations to the size of the shelves section. Also, add variations to the stuff you are displaying on the shelves such.

The stuff can be books, pictures, artworks, or your collection of dining items.

This kind of shelves will insert an interest to a typically boring dining room. To get the best look, consider the colors you are using well. Pain the dining room walls in beige and choose traditional dark wood floor, for example.

Built-in Shelves Dining Room Wall Traditional Decor

2. Floating Shelves

If you love simplicity, you can try installing floating shelves to your dining room as a wall décor. To get the best look of the overall design, pick up the color of your dining seating’s legs for the color for the color of the floating shelves.

To complement the look, paint the dining room walls in beige and use ceramic floor that uses minimalist design. On the floating shelves itself, you can display any decorative items and or your collection.

Built the floating shelves on one side of the walls only and let the other sides of the dining room wall employs different kind of wall décor.

Floating Shelves Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

3. Separate Library

Create the vibe of intimate, cozy, and intelligent in your dining room by installing a separate library. This surely will result in a nice combo of dining room and library.

Built some shelves on one wall and let the books on the shelves line the wall. To get the best overall look, paint your dining room wall in beige color and give medium tone wood for your dining room floor.

This idea of dining room wall décor will give your dining space elegant ambience and will show how well read you as the homeowners are.

Book Shelves Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas

4. Table beneath Shelves

No need to be confused of choosing between table and shelves to give your dining room wall décor as you can have both of them even on the same wall.

Build some floating shelves on quite high walls and install fisherman table beneath them.

They are all built in and customable. To get the best look of your dining room wall, paint the wall in beige while the shelves in white and the table in softer beige.

Dining room wall shelves decor ideas with table and floating shelves

There you have plenty choices of shelves to give your dining room wall décor. The final result of the wall décor will not only be decorative but also functional.

Display your collection of artwork on the shelves and store your dining dish on the other parts of the shelves. Remember! Always check how the color of the wall décor can match the rest of the room’s color.

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