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Most Popular Dining Room Wall Tile Ideas

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Wall tile is unarguably beautiful. Its features of durability, beauty, and sleek design have made many homeowners want to use them for their home decoration.

Wall tile is also a perfect choice to create a more unique room especially a space for an entertainment and dinner parties.

Customize your own home with a unique wall tile and have your one-of-a-kind dining space!

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1. Cement Wall Tile

For having the most customable wall tile, you have to go with cement wall tile. This kind of wall tile comes with a wide range of shapes, colors, sizes, patterns, and designs, enabling your to turn your dining room into any kind of space.

One of the examples of cement wall tile is Granada tile that offers you with bunches of design choices. Its ability to create exceptional product, you can design your dining space in a style that really reflects the real ‘you’ and channel your character and taste.

To get the best result of the wall tile, try to blend the design and the color with the floor of your dining room.

Cement wall tile phoenix dining room decor ideas
Image: Zillow.com

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2. Dallas Rug as a Wall Tile

Create an elegant dining room by using Dallas Rug as the wall tile. However, the use of the rug attached to the wall is not enough. You need to give shimmering shades of gray and blue throughout the rooms.

Complement the elegant Dallas Rug with ceiling in darker hue and a wall with cooler colors.

Choose a Dallas Rug and also few other furniture in dark sapphire color to evoke the vibe of intimate and al fresco dining.

Dallas Rug Martha Stewart Dining Room Wall Decor Ideas
Image: pranaycoffee.com

3. Large-Scale Wallpaper for a Contemporary Dining Room

Do you want your dining room to be more contemporary? Go purchase wallpaper with large scales. Big and wide scales tend to give more dramatic look than the smaller ones.

If you are lucky enough to have separate dining room, you can try to cover all walls of the room.

To make most of the wall tile’s presence, choose the wall tile whose dominant color is from the same palette with the furniture of your dining room.

If your dining seating tends to be dark brown, you can apply large-scale wallpaper in medium tone wood.

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Wallpaper wall tile dining room decor
Image: Decoist.com

4. A Framed Artwork for a Fresh Wall Tile

If you want your dining room to be fresher, you can try to combine walls painted in white decorated with a framed artwork in a striking yellow.

One of the examples of how to combine those two décor elements is attaching the national floral emblem of Australia, the golden wattle or the Acacia pycnantha, to a white painted wall.

To boost the positive and fresh ambience, complement the room décor with some dining seating in white. As a result, your dining room is not only fresh but also stylish.

Framed Art Wall Tile Dining Room Decor Ideas

Go unique instead of mainstream, including how you decorate your dining room. If you don’t know where to start decorating your dining room, you can start with your dining room wall tile. We’ve got you some examples above!

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