Dining Room Wall Trim Ideas

4 Dining Room Wall Trim Ideas

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Some builders may miss some things resulting in gaps, joins, and other imperfections that are visible on surfaces.

That’s why we have wall trim to hide those unwanted flaw. Yet, as the interior design keeps changing, wall trim has also performed a role of giving a statement to a room.

Here we summarized some ideas to both hide imperfections and give a statement to your dining room wall.

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1. Chair Rail

Chair rail is a good go for trimming your dining room wall. It is typically placed 3 feet above the floor. The functions of the chair rail are protecting walls from chairs and being a decorative article.

In other words, chair rail is both attractive and functional. If you want to use chair rail for your dining room wall trim, don’t forget to add protection to your wall by giving the chair rail a wainscot on its lower section.

Using chair rail as a wall trim, however, has a negative point which is attracting dust. Yet, as long as you routinely clean your furniture, that should not be a problem.

Crown Molding Chair Rail Dining Room Wall Trim Design Ideas
Image: artflyz.com

2. Picture Rails

Now we have another rails as a wall trim. It is picture rails, a type of wall trim that is actually chair rail which is way higher on the wall. Picture rails may be less common that other kinds of wall trim. Picture rails usually perform a function of maintaining hooks on the wall that are used to hang pictures with wires.

This wall trim can work best if you have a dining room with tall ceilings that tend to make the room’s feel boring. Hanging your favorite pictures in your dining room can be done with this wall trim.

Nice decoration Dining room wall trim ideas

3. Batten

Sometimes, no matter how meticulously you and your house builders have planned the room construction, some imperfections are just unavoidable. Don’t worry! You have batten to get your back. This kind of wall trim is also known as board and batten.

This wall trim is very useful to hide the imperfect joint or any gaps of angels of paneling. If you want to use this wall trim, make sure you paint it in the same color palette with your wall. If your wall is in a very light grey, for example, you can paint the batten in white.

Batten dining room wall trim ideas

4. Glamorous Four Square

You must agree with painting walls and trim in softer tones to make a room more mellow or soothing. Then, you must also agree with painting walls and trims in black to make a room more alive.

Yes, black shade combined with white that are applied to your dining room walls and trims can boost the lively atmosphere of your upcoming dinner parties. The combination of black and white complemented with some furniture in dark brown shade can create glamorous dining space.

Dining room wall trim ideas with crown molding gold

From the four ideas above, we can see that wall trim even performs plenty functions in our dining room: hiding imperfections, decorating our room, and boosting the ambience of our dining room. Which one do you want to try?

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