Dining room wall cabinet decor ideas

5 Killer Dining Room Wall Cabinet Ideas

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Cabinets are actually one of the most essential part to get your dining room in style.

Not only they will give away homely aura, cabinets are a great furniture that can work as both signature piece and showcase.

Don’t leave your dining room vacant and use our killer dining room wall cabinet ideas below.

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1. Simple Fix: Framed Photos and Quotes

Do you want to put a cabinet but don’t know how to dress it up? Try putting frames of photos and quotes on it. This trick is can be used of both hanging cabinets or floor ones.

For hanging cabinets, uninstall the doors (if there’s any) and set the pictures in it. For floor cabinets, both putting some photos on it or hanging it on the wall above the cabinet works.

Pick the photos and quote based on the personality you want to show off. For example, putting family pictures in a house of a big family will fit the frame.

Framed Photo Dining Room Wall Cabinet Ideas

2. Show Your Personality with Signature Pieces

This is basically the same as the one above. However, instead of pictures, we put signature pieces. The simple way to do it is by putting what you are fond of.

For example, putting decorative dining wares or vases will work splendidly in this case. If the room is multipurpose, it will look unique to place things you usually use in the room instead.

3. Open Cabinets for Small Rooms

Smaller room means limited ways to decor. Otherwise, that can’t stop us to put a cabinet. Try to pick small open cabinets with minimalistic design.

Such type of cabinets will help the room style without making it too roomy.

In case there’s a need for enclosed storage in the room, put baskets on the cabinets to store the stuff.

Not only it will look more pleasant on the eye, the baskets will keep things organized without altering the style intended.

Open cabinet farmhouse for dining room wall decor
Image: Homebnc.com

4. Paint It Popping… Or Not

Colour arrangement also work in this case. Here’s the idea: By picking cabinet with colours that stands out in the room, you will create a focus in the room and vice versa.

Popping colours are great for big dining rooms – they will show that the room is ‘lived’.

In the other hand, neutral colours or matching the cabinet’s colour with the wall is great for small spaces as it blends with the environment instead.

Corner cabinet for dining room wall decor with blue paint
Image: Memorabledecor.com

5. Make a Build-in Cabinet for More Space

In cases where big storage is needed but no space is available, this idea is a good alternative. Basically, you have to cave a wall and build a cabinet in the hole.

This will require great effort, but otherwise it’s a lenient idea because we don’t have to stick to industrial designs.

Surely, no dining room will be sad and empty with our dining room wall cabinet ideas. Feel free to give them a dash of creativity by combining some ideas together or adding accent to your cabinet. Your effort will definitely not leave any guest disappointed in dinner parties.

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