Dining Room Wall Paneling Ideas

5 Dining Room Wall Paneling Ideas

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When you have a diner in your dining room, do you feel like the vibe is plain or even boring?

While enjoying your favorite cuisine, you are supposed to have a pleasant time.

Consider giving your dining room wall paneling to have a dining room ambience of your favorite.

We have some examples down below:

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1. Wall Panel Decal for a Contemporary Dining Room

Favoring a contemporary vibe? Anchor dining table in sleek wood to your dining room! Also, complement your dining room with some bucket chairs painted in white to maintain the look of modern and light.

For the walls of your dining room, give them panel decal as an alternative to the use of wallpaper. To insert a playful feeling, give a color splash behind your dining table.

Wall Panel Decal for a Contemporary Dining Room
Image: Houzz.com

2. Wood Paneling for a Modern Dining Room

Here comes a wall paneling ideas for you favoring modern look of a dining room. This wall paneling will actually work best with a modern design of the dining room windows and doors.

If you are fortunate enough to create one, make the windows of your dining room stand tall from the ceiling to the floor. If you are even luckier, set your dining room to be joint with a porch divided by the windows.

The wood paneling on the glass windows is the ones creating warm and modern atmosphere. Install a globe pendant by hanging it above the table to make it look like floating.

Craftsman wooden Dining Room Wall Paneling Ideas
Image: Gacahome.com

3. Wood Paneling and View for a Friendly Dining Room

Warmly welcome your dining party guests by giving your dining space wood paneling on the room’s glass window to enable your guests enjoy the outside view.

Meanwhile, on another side of the dining room, construct stone walls. The wood paneling and the stone walls are the one making your dining room more sophisticated.

The sleek furnishing of the dining room and the incredible view of the surrounding will surely give you and your beloved ones unforgettable dining experience.

4. Walnut Paneling for a White Modern Dining Room

If you think you are not lucky enough to have a separate dining room from another room in your house, you can use walnut paneling to construct an open doorway.

To separate dining room from sitting room, for example, an open doorway built in walnut paneling will stunningly divide those two rooms. The wood’s honey color from the panel also infuses richness to both rooms.

White dining room wall panel ideas
Image: electhouse.com

5. Geometric Wall Panel for a Modern Dining Room

Still about creating modern dining room, you can apply geometric design as your dining room wall panel. Paint your dining room walls in muted gray, purchase a dining table made of reclaimed wood, and decorate the dining room floor with a white and orange print area rug.

Then, give the walls an accent by installing white geometric wall panels to give the space some textures.

Be it modern, contemporary, friendly, or other kinds of atmosphere, you will always have a design choice to give your dining room wall panel.

The most important thing is to always make sure that the colors of the wall panel and the rest of the room matched to each other to maintain the harmony inside the room.

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