Casual Dining Room Wall Décor

4 Casual Dining Room Wall Décor

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Many homeowners have incorporated casual style into their home décor.

The elements of casual design can fit most of the rooms in a house and they give a feel of comfortable to the room.

Don’t miss out this opportunity of making your dining room more comfortable by giving the room casual wall décor.

Here we have some examples of it:

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1. Coffee Word Art Stencil

To give your dining room wall a casual touch, you may try this coffee word art stencil. This art work enables you to say something using letter and word stencils.

The letters and words come in various styles and sizes, enabling you to choose your favorite word and font.

Greet your dining guests with this word art! Stencil is chosen as it can help you enhance and create the project easily and quickly.

Also, using stencil can help you get rid of tracing, line work, and taping. Although using stencil, the final result of the art work will still be artistic, not in stencil-look.

Coffee Word Art Stencil dining room wall decor

2. Giving Thanks in Artistic Acrylic

Are you organizing a thanksgiving dinner shortly? This artistic acrylic for expressing your gratitude can be a good idea.

As the name suggests, the wall décor and the artwork are made in acrylic. If you want to make the artwork by yourself, here are some guides for you: use black as the background and use white and soft gray for the thanking message you want to express.

This color mix will bring positive feeling to your dining room. Paint the edges of the painting as well you don’t need to buy any frame to hang it on the wall.

3. Ink Drawing and Art Pen Abstract Modern Woman Casual Print

Not favoring word art and acrylic art? Try a casual print! You can make it by yourself too! What you need is pen, paper, and ink to make a quality archival print.

To make the print lasts long, print your abstract modern woman on a Hahnemuehle’s William Turner paper.

It is a 310-gsm mould-made 100% cotton paper. That is a paper whose surface is a bit textured.

Meanwhile, use pigment-based ink to print the drawing. You can also add a frame to the drawing if you want.

Wall Art Word Dining Room Wall Decor

4. 4 Pieces of Espresso, Latte, Coffee, Cappuccino Graphic Art Wall Plaque Set

Your dining guest may also favor coffee after or before the dining time so you need to display this 4-piece plaque on your dining room wall. On every piece of the plaque, a cup of espresso, of coffee, of latte, and of cappuccino are displayed.

All of the pieces are complemented with saw tooth hanger to ease the hanging process. Besides, the edges of the four pieces are hand finished. These tasty beverages can add warm feeling to your dining table.

Make your dining room more comfortable and more welcoming and speaking up some nice words to your dining guests by adding a casual article to your dining room wall. Don’t forget to match the color with the rest of the room’s palette!

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