How to Decorate a Round Wall

Simple Steps on How to Decorate a Round Wall

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A round wall needs some special treatments and considerations in the case of decorating.

There are some numbers of unique designs to make your round wall look more beautiful yet elegant.

It will be the center of attention when your guests enter your room Do you want to have an attractive and valuable decor asset inside your house?

Read this following information for getting the answers.


1. Hang pictures with long and narrow frames

Some people are afraid to hang some artworks or photographs on their round wall. They think that it will not be suitable for that kind of wall. In fact, the round wall will look more adorable with several artworks or frames.

You need to choose long and narrow frames. If you hang more than one frame or decorations, make sure that they have similar size and colors to make them simpler. Choose the darker color to give cool sensation in your room.

White round wall decor with long narrow picture frames

2. Emphasize windows with curtains

If your round wall has windows, you need to deal with beautiful curtains on them. It is better to hang a delicate sheer curtain with soft color between each window.

To make the curtains more adorable, you need to tie them back to emphasize the space. If you want to have a simpler design, you may use a curtain that can close every part of the window.

If you have high ceilings on the windows, long curtain panels will be more appropriate to make your room has different look.

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3. Use bold wall art

If you already have an interesting architectural statement, you may draw the eye on it by giving dark color, putting some wall decals, or using a stencil.

The best part of applying decals is you do not need to find curved rods to put several decorations or frames.

Some people think that this way is simpler and cheaper but the results are more satisfying. You may call several experts to paint your round wall to have more stunning results.

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4. Hang a chandelier to give warm statement

Chandeliers can give a breathtaking atmosphere in your place especially in a room with a round wall. It brings the warm and calm statement which is suitable for taking a rest.

Moreover, putting a chandelier can give an elegant look in your favorite space. You need to choose a chandelier which suits you well to make a stunning entryways on your house.

Round wall decor with mirror, flower, and good lighting

5. Put some tape stripes

Putting some tape stripes are great for decorating your round wall because they will make the round shape clearer. You can nail every part of tapestries if you do not care about some holes on your tapestries.

There are several designs of tapestries and you make choose them based on your favorite. You have to find the one that fits your space perfectly.

Those are several simple tips for decorating your round wall to make it more stunning. Do you still confuse on how to choose the one that fits on your home? May the tips above are really helpful for you.

Modern living room with round wall decor and sofa

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