Wrought Iron Porch Railing Ideas

Best Wrought Iron Porch Railing Ideas

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There are so many kinds of material that you can choose in building your porch railing. Wrought iron is one of the materials.

Although wrought irons is usually considered by some house owner as expensive materials, it has some beneficial thing once you use it.

Thus, here are some wrought iron porch railing ideas that probably can inspire you.


1. Sketched Designs

To get the best result of your building project, it will be better for you if you keep in your mind some principles and elements of design.

Applying the concept of lines that flow together will look more charming to the eyes and mixing some contours will produce some interesting look. Make some rough sketches of your railing ideas to start the project.

Apply your favorite sketches as the main reference when you go shop the wrought iron to match with the vision that you already keep in your mind.

You can maximize the use of CorelDraw or some similar application in case you need to do some technologically adventurous.

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2. Private Courtyard

You can apply this idea if you are planning to have more privacy on your courtyard, but it will take some harder works since you need to some digging on it.

Before doing the hard job, the first thing you need to do is measuring the area that you already choose for the railing than take all changes in grade into consideration.

Since railing building has its regulations, make sure that you mark your own yard only and avoid taking your neighbor’s area. Drive rebar into some points where you plan the railing will go and mark off your railing perimeter with some wooden stakes.

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3. Family Design

This idea will require large area of porch but once you apply it, it will worth every penny. If you have large area of porch, this idea is the most recommended one since the design is unique yet interesting to have. The main part of this idea is to create the path as much as number of your family member.

For example if you have four family members in total, try to make four paths using wrought iron and develop it as much as you like. You can try to have different kind or different style of wrought iron for every path from each family member to indicate who the owner of the path is.

4. Colorful Railing

Executing this idea will definitely allow you to express your taste in coloring your own porch railing. Although most of wrought iron materials are sold in unchanged form, you can choose some types of wrought iron if you plan to use this idea.

It means you can freely paint your wrought iron porch railing with you as the designer. However, it’s suggested for you to do some research about the color sample to avoid painting some strange color. Once you paint it wrong, it will be harder for you to fix it.

Although some of wrought iron types are expensive, this kind of material is actually more durable than other materials. It’s also more decorative once you find the perfect design. That’s why we often find some wrought iron porch railing concepts.

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