How to Eliminate Dead Animal Smell In Attic

5 Quick Steps to Eliminate Dead Animal Smell In Attic

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You have to admit that rodents like rat, squirrel or raccoon should be abolished.

For this reason, many people put toxic bait for the rodents to eat. Although you could reduce the number of nipping animal in the house, you might have another problem to solve.

Once they die, you have to do something about the carcass. Check it out.

1. Locate The Issue

To start the project, you should be able to locate the dead body. You could start from the hidden part behind the shoe rack, under the table, or even on the attic.

If you have problem with height, then ask for neighbor help. Make sure to provide useful guidance about every crevices in the house. Bring a torch if needed.

If you are lucky, the lifeless rodent will lay on the floor, waiting to be thrown away. Wearing a pair of gloves, remove the dead body to a big plastic bag then throw it to the trash can.

When the day is not yours, the carcass is trapped between the walls. In this case, you have to do minor destruction to remove it. Otherwise, you will pinch your nose every time you pass the area.

2. Clean Up The Rest

Normally, you won’t smell anything on the first day of the rodents’ death. Only after the bodies decomposed, you could smell the odor. Removing the carcass could clean up about 60% of the air.

When you lift the dead body, you might get even stronger smell from the maggots and other mini microorganisms. The only way to bring back the fresh air is cleaning the surrounding area.

Track any blood or stain dragged around the dead body. This dirt should be included into your cleaning area. You could apply several ways to wipe clean the mess. Each of them depends on your preference and item availability.

Eliminate Dead Animal Smell In Attic

3. Baking Soda

If your attic is already plastered or covered with ceramics, then things are a lot easier. You only need to make this simple house remedy: baking soda paste.

Pour a cup of baking soda and mix it with water, until it turns into paste form. It could help to reduce the smell slowly. You might end up waiting longer than expected.

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4. Air Freshener

Sometimes there are several jobs that should be done immediately. Thus, you have no time to play hide and seek with a useless carcass.

Air freshener hung inside your wardrobe you could be the temporary solution for one or two days. It will fight the bad odor with the aromatic essence. The worst case will be the smellier odor resulted from the mixture of these two.

5. Commercial Product

If you have woods as the base, then the microorganism might slip into the fine fiber of your precious natural floor. Using baking soda paste won’t be enough. In fact, you might ruin your wood. You need something stronger: an enzymatic wash product.

This kind of commercial product could cleanse not only the microorganism, but also the odor. It even shoots out nice odor to freshen the air.

It is important to solve problem deep to its roots. If you don’t do something to remove the carcass and clean the area, the bad odor will never leave.

Find where the carcass lies first, then wrap it tightly and put it in a trash can. It would be a sleepless night should you fail to locate the dead body. Then clean up with commercial product to eliminate odor.


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