Bathroom Tile Ideas Green

Top 8 Bathroom Tile Ideas Green

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It seems only right that a bathroom is finished with green tiles as well. It is simply consistent with the atmosphere and it makes a small bathroom delivers the same airiness as bigger bathroom does.

If you need some ideas to use the green tiles for your bathroom, the following ideas will enlighten you. Check this out.

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1. Overdose Green

If you really like green and you want as much green tiles as possible in your bathroom, you can do this idea. Cover almost all the surface of your bathroom with green tiles.

For balance, leave several surfaces for other finish, like wooden vanity, white bathtub and sinks, white toilet, and white door and window frames.

Green wall and floor tile bathroom with white bathtube and vanity sink

2. Bluish and Green Glass Tiles for Shower Area

Instead of covering the entire room, you can cover the shower area wall with bluish and green tiles for accent. It makes natural separation for the area in your bathroom while it gives sophisticated finish to admire.

Bluish and Green Glass Tiles for Shower Area

3. Sea Green Glass Mosaic Tiles for Shower Wall

Finish most of your bathroom wall with greenish paint and cover the shower wall with sea green glass mosaic tiles. It creates privileged feeling for the shower wall, very inviting for lazy bath. The mosaic pattern will add sophistication in the room, making the shower area as a focal point.

Sea Green Glass Mosaic Tiles for Shower Wall

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4. Green Celery Tiles for Shower Floors

This can be a small addition for the bathroom but glossy finish will enrich the bathroom look efficiently. In addition to the glossy finish, it is recommended to choose material that is the most anti-slip for better safety as well.

Green Celery Tiles for Shower Floors

5. Retro Green Tiles on Vacant Wall

Instead of leaving a vacant wall with nothing, you can finish it with retro green tiles. If you look carefully, you will find tile with embossed graphic on it as well. This will make a valuable improvement while it adds decoration in the room as well.

Retro Green Tiles on Vacant Wall

6. Green Tile for the Sink Area

Instead of covering the shower area, you can make the sink area a focal point by adding green tiles on the wall. Pick any green nuance you like the most. Make sure it covers the floor beneath the sink and the wall to emphasize the effect.

Green Tile for the bathroom Sink Area

7. 3×1 inch Green Glass Tiles for Sink Background

We can also cover only the background of the sink. If you have decorative sink, this will be a perfect match. The size and look are already very appealing while it also serves as backsplash with style. It allows you to go minimal for ultimate look.

3x1 inch Green Glass Tiles for Sink Background

8. 4-inch Square Tiles

You can simply cover the entire walls with these tiles. With only white grout is making variation, this will make simple choice for your bathroom. There will be no drama, or accent. Yet, it will make a totally airy and fresh finish depending on the color that you choose.

Bathroom with green 4-inch Square Tiles

Now you have more than enough ideas to apply. All of them are pretty simple to copy and you have more than enough shade level options as well. Good luck!

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