Bathroom Tile Replacement Ideas for Fresh Look

Bathroom Tile Replacement Ideas for Fresh Look

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There are times when we think our bathroom tiles are boring. However, we may not know well what kind of replacement we want to have.

Actually, a little change is enough for fresher look. The following ideas are great example how to make simple replacement with amazing result. Check this out.


1. Pattern on the Floor

Instead of replacing the entire of the floor, you can have some of it and replace some with a little combination. Create a pattern using the same floor and add borders for the pattern.

It doesn’t only change the look of the floor but also upgrades the entire look of your bathroom. If you like it, you can also make new patterns with new tiles with contrasting colors.

Pattern always works well when you use a combination of two colors at least and by setting the tiles differently. Take Moroccan or Bohemian patterns for a new twist.

2. Make Borders

The most popular border is placed right in half of the wall height. For a real accent, you can use different tiles with contrasting colors if possible.

In alternative to in half of the wall height, you can also make borders on the top and bottom part of the wall. Do as you like it. Several tiles are great to use.

First, you can try the same tiles with contrasting colors.

Second, you can use glass tiles with mosaic pattern for more elaborated look. This idea allows you to replace only some of the bathroom tiles while it actually gives the ultimate look at the same time.

Bathroom Wall Tile Ideas with borders in half of the wall height

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3. Mix and Match

This is a fun idea to apply as well. You can try the most general concept, which is using one color for half of the wall and finish the other half with another color.

The other concept is by mixing them altogether. If your bathroom has four walls, finish two of them facing each other with one color and make sure its grouts is on the other color.

Do the contrary for the other two walls. It gives fun twist and consistent finish at the same time. Depending on your colors selection, this idea will be simple yet it has great impact.

4. Special Walls

Instead of replacing the entire tiles with the new ones, you can replace only the background wall of your bathroom amenities.

For example, replace the vanity area vanities with sea-glass tiles for background. You can do the same thing to the shower fixtures and your toilet perhaps.

It adds accent brilliantly and it improves your bathroom look while it is simple to apply. This is a perfect idea to try if you have nice fixtures to show off. It changes your bathroom to a sanctuary while your bathroom looks more expensive.

There are many ideas you should try when it comes to replacing your bathroom tiles. Using one of those ideas above allows you to make replacement without spending too much money and making too much effort. Yet, it still offers you the most interesting and sophisticated look. Which one do you like best?

Sea glass tile for bathroom ocean impression

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