Black Bathroom Tile Designs on a Budget

Top 8 Bathroom Tile Designs on a Budget You Must Adopt

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When it comes to remodeling your bathroom and you need to stay on your budget, you may think you only have limited options on tiles.

Well, depending on how you do the design, you actually can do more things.

The following ideas look great while it keeps you on your budget as well.

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1. All Black Bathroom

Do you know that this design is actually very popular? Many five star hotels in the world use rock black tiles from the floor to ceiling for elegant looking bathroom.

You can also do the same with black slate tiles and white plumbing fixtures for balance in it. The picture above may be an inspiration for you.

Black Bathroom Tile Ideas

2. Do Monochrome

If you are a minimalist and you like mosaic glass tiles, it will fit well on your budget. Instead of using it as an accent, you can try to apply all on the bathroom wall. These tiles are affordable if you know where to get it on an agreeable price.

3. Match with Bold and Dark Wall

Instead of covering the entire bathroom, you can consider using white hexagon floor tiles and cover the wall with white subway tiles.

Both tiles are very affordable but they can look rather plain. For drama, cover the rest of the wall with bold and dark paint.

4. Tiles for Floor, Beadboard for Wall

You can focus on using the tiles for the floor only. As for the wall, you can consider to use paneling or beadboard. It gives you classic and nice look while it is friendly for your budget as well. Choose white paneling for more flexible look.

Vintage bathroom tile ideas for small shower area

5. Shower Wall Frames

If you like the shower area the most, you should consider buying contrasting tiles and frame the area. It doesn’t cost a lot of money yet it is effective to make a difference in the decor.

You can also use mosaic glass tiles for more sophisticated finish, but it isn’t the right choice if you want vintage look.

6. Mosaic Tiles Runner

Instead of leaving the floor with plain tiles, you can enrich only small parts of it with mosaic tiles for runner.

It doesn’t have to be big or long. Just make sure it heads to the shower area by making its way to other amenities too.

7. Shower Waterfall Effect

This is a popular idea today. It basically use mosaic glass tiles vertically on the wall behind the shower head. Built around a half foot wide, you can set the tiles from the runner up to the ceiling. It looks fresh and dramatic at the same time.

8. Backsplash with Popping Pattern

You can start to make a real drama and change in your bathroom with only a small area. Use a combination of tiles with bright color for a certain interesting pattern, and wear it for your sink backsplash. It makes your bathroom looks pricey in an instant.

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In sum, there are so many ways you can go through. In fact, you can achieve dazzling look and drama without being too much on budget. Those ideas above will be great to apply in your bathroom while being friendly to your wallet.

Bathroom tile designs on a budget

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