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How to Decorate A Beige Bathroom

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Even though white is the most popular color, beige also gathers a number of fans.

It reaches the second position as the color that is commonly used in interior design.

Beige is the heart of vintage. When you apply this color in your house, you will have the vintage vibe even after putting the modern touch.

Here are four famous designer opinions about decorating beige bathroom.


1. The American Standard

This designer makes use of three beige colors: St. Porchaire Brown, Fawn Beige and Spice Mocha. These colors are popular during the reigning period of Henry II of France.

If you love the St. Porchaire Brown, then you also like bold colors. The suggested decoration for these beige fixtures is dark purple wall tiles.

For the floor, choose the black materials with a touch of green and yellow. Fawn beige is the definition of delicate elegance. The beige touch is found on your closet, sink, and bath tub.

The complementary colors would be variation of green and gold. The tiles would be lovely if it could accommodate gold and green on cream base.

The yellow and dark green colors are the suitable match in this bathroom. Spice Mocha is another variation that offers tropical feels. Combine the spice mocha fixtures with turquoise walls and brownish fixtures.

American standard fawn beige bathroom sink

2. Kohler Choice

In 1927, Kohler provided the option of wall color other than white: beige. The first beige color he introduced was called “Autumn Brown”. It has brownish color, but lighter. It is suggested to install dark brown bathroom floor and light green wall tiles.

Metal bathroom hardware will provide the glow in the theme. The curtain should be brown and the furniture (if there is any) has a deep blue color.

In 1936, Kohler added one more beige collection in the list: Tuscan. It is the even lighter version of autumn brown. This color is almost similar to light peach. You can get retro themed bathroom by adding navy blue and red.

If you want to give it a try, paint the entire walls with navy blue. Give red lines on the bottom floor. Hang red curtain and choose red or blue toiletries. The hardware should be simple in this theme: choose the metal one.


3. Crane Choice

Sun tan is popular around 1940. This color resembles warm sunset. If you choose the sun tan fixtures, it is suggested that you pick beach-related colors to be the pair.

Coral tones, red, brown and blue are some of the available choices. Try to pick blue elements for the bathroom textiles: towels and curtain.

For the red and brown, you can put them on the tiles and walls respectively. If you have a small bathroom, you can always alternate both colors on each wall to create a larger space impression

4. Briggs Choice

The beige color from Briggs is sandstone color. You can go either fun or historical with this color. To have fun bathroom, combine sandstone fixtures with burgundy and yellow.

Tropical themed wallpaper also works well! For the historical theme fans, try to pair sandstone fixture with brick red floors and green stained pine. Do not forget the log stool: it will complete the theme.

Beige lovers, have you already picked your favorite tips? This color shines naturally and gives a calming effect. It also gives different vibes with the suitable pairs.

Beige and white bathroom decorating ideas

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