How to Clean Instant Pot the Thorough Way

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Instant pot can bring a lot of use for everyone especially during the holiday.

However, after using a lot of time, it is time for your pot to get a little cleaning touch.

Here, you will find out how to keep it clean for everyday use. You will also learn how to deep clean it too. Check out here.

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A. How to Clean Instant Pot Every Day

The following steps are the way to clean the instant pot after you use it every time.

1. Wash the Inner Pot First

This is the first part of the pot that you need to clean. Simply remove the inner pot from the hardware and toss it into your sink. If it has burnt food on the bottom, make sure to soak it in water first. It helps in removing the sticking.

When it is ready, wash the pot as usual. Use the dishwashing liquid to clean the entire surface of the inner pot, both inside and outside part. Then, rinse with water to clean the detergent. Put it on the rack to dry.

2. Wipe the Inner Pot Clean

When it is dry, take a clean cloth and wipe the inner pot. Make sure to use soft cloth so you don’t scratch the inner pot surface. Scratched surface of the pot can be dangerous for your health if you use it for cooking. Wipe the inside and outside of the inner pot before storing or setting it up again.

3. Wash the Sealing Ring

In addition to the function, the sealing ring tends to absorb your food color and odor through time. The only way to preventing from happen, you need to remove and wash it as well. It can be a little tricky to remove the sealing ring, but it is possible. Simply use your finger to take it out.

Then, wash the silicon ring as usual. Use the liquid dishwashing soap, and wash it. Rub a little so it shows back its original color, which is a little transparent. Put it on the rack to dry and make sure not to lose it because it is pretty small.

4. Wipe the Inside Lid Too

The inner pot has a lid attach to your instant pot cover.  You can remove it and wash it as you wash the inner pot. Do the same procedure and make sure you get to remove the entire food remaining on it.

It can be surprising for you, but the lid can be the part that gets the dirtiest. It is also recommended to soak it in water first if the remaining food stick and it is too dry.

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B. How to Clean Instant Pot Deeply

If you like cooking and you use your instant pot pretty frequently, it is suggested to deep clean it every month at least. It prevents the pot from clogging. It also prevents smelling and stubborn food residue as well.

1. Don’t Forget to Unplug First

It is extremely important to do. You need to make sure your instant pot has been unplugged before. If you just used it for cooking, it is also important to let it cool for awhile. The inner pot is hot when you are just done cooking. You can harm your skin if you insist cleaning it right away. Unplug the entire cable so it doesn’t have a tail anymore when you wash it.

In some cases, there are instant pots that are completed with permanent cable for power. You can’t remove it without ruining it. In this case, don’t unplug the tip that sticks to the pan. Just unplug the one that gets into the socket.

2. Start with the Housing

When cleaning the housing unit, we don’t need the dishwashing liquid or other products. We only need a clean cloth and some clean water to keep the cloth damp. When you are ready, wipe the entire unit slowly. If you get sticky residue somewhere on the unit, wipe and wipe again. The moisture will helps solving the sticking.

It is important to keep the cloth damp, not wet. Several part of the house is connected to electrical panel, which can be ruined by water. Reach tricky corner and nook to make sure all surface is clean.

You also need to clean the bottom part. This time, use a brush. A brush allows you to reach sneaky nooks and corners. If you get sticky food residue on it, use the damp cloth to help.

3. Let’s Wash the Inner Pot Lid

The inner pot lid is often the first part to get the dirtiest, as mentioned before. Therefore, it is important to wash it. It prevents sticky food residue from sticking there permanently, and bed smell when you cook

Simply wash the lid with warm soap water and sponge. Wipe with sponge when washing and you are basically done. Leave it on the rack to dry.

4. Clean the Smaller Parts

You commonly have extra of small parts when you buy the instant pot. It includes the quick and release handle, the shield, and condensation collection cup on the side. They tend to get the food residue and create bad smell.

Remove them from the place and wash them with warm soap water and rinse clean. If you still have the extras, replace these with the extras.

5. Wash the Silicon Ring

This silicon ring is a part of the sealing. It often gets the food residue and odor as well. In this case, remove the silicon ring from its position and wash it in regular way. IF you get stubborn residue, try steam cleaning. This method should help in removing possible odors remained as well. If there is crack, replace with a new one you can buy online or at local store.

6. Don’t Forget the Inner Pot and Its Accessories

Gather your inner pot as well as the entire accessories you often use for cooking. Then wash them as usual. Most products make inner pots and accessories that are safe for dishwasher, but manual washing is easy too. Rinse and let it dry.

For extra touch, wiping them with clean cloth and vinegar will remove remaining detergent and it keeps them shine.

7. Assemble!

Finally, you are done washing your instant pot. Now, assemble the entire part as it is originally. Make sure to wipe it clean and dry first.

How to Clean Instant Pot the Thorough Way

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