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How to Decorate a Country Bathroom: Some Simple but Effective Ideas

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A country themed bathroom can make your bathroom look different and stylish but it is also one of the most complicated designs to consider about.

You see, a country theme bathroom has so many elements that make it different from the others.

Whereas the contemporary and modern themes are mostly associated with simplicity and minimalistic design, the country themes are often associated with complex structures, accessories, and details.


1. The Elements

Remember that the country theme is often related to the vintage and old school effect, which can be achieved from the usage of the items as well as the colors.

In most cases, the combination of the color and the items can result in the desired effect. For instance, combining a warm brownish color, a touch of light beige for the bathtub (bathtub, not shower, and an old school corner wooden cabinet is enough to deliver such a powerful traditional feel.

Country hearts and stars bathroom decor

2. Some of the Examples

So, you want to achieve a good looking country atmosphere and effect? Here are some of the things that you can do:

  • Install wooden planks above the toilet as floating shelves. They are cheap. They are natural. And they are super stylish.
    Combine a barrel and wooden crates for a countertop sink structure. The barrel can be located under the sink while the crates will create an illusion for the storage compartment.
  • Airstone around the tub area to create a natural feel. You can also try the bricked walls or the shower area with natural stones on the floor.
  • A vintage white bathtub as the focal point can create a traditional and country feel – and you don’t have to do anything about it.

Vintage white bathroom vanity

Of course, there are still more ideas and creative ways to improve the atmosphere inside the bathroom and make the country feel stand out.

For instance, instead of the antique and unique cabinet, why not using a worn ladder and add baskets to transform its functionality – while retaining the country feel?

Or if you have a rather spacious and roomy bathroom, you can have a wide country cabinet with its traditional and intricate patterns. You can tell that it is traditional and old school from the look, mind you.

3. Some of the Creative Ideas

Here are some more creative ideas for the country theme bathroom:

  • Use the wooden elements. You can turn wooden crates for wall mounted storage areas. If you don’t want to mount them on the wall, you can easily stack them and voila! You have your own storage areas with traditional touch. Mind you, though, that these crates can take up room. If you have enough space, that’s not a problem. But if you have limited space, you can always stack them on the corner or mount them on the wall. Use the wooden logs or planks for shelves.
  • Use mason jars to arrange your small items, such as your toothbrush, the hair pins, etc.
  • Use wooden planter box to manage the small knicks and knacks on the countertop. Or you can transform anything wooden to arrange the items smartly.

Country style bathroom decorating ideas

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