How to Decorate Floating Shelves in Living Room

How to Decorate Floating Shelves in Living Room

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As a host, living room is the most important space for the hospitality act.

No wonder, many people invest more time to choose the perfect match for the decoration.

The job does not stop with purchasing the items. How you arrange the interior is also essential.

The ideal look should display certain ambiance.


1. For Light and Airy Atmosphere

Small places could be larger with proper decoration. Install the small white shelf with black stripe on the side. This hanging panel will look like floating item on the wall.

The fresh and attractive feeling immediately spring in the living room. Add flower vases on the top to provide the contrast. Just put one kind of flower in the tall vase. If you like colorful bouquet, then put it in shorter vase. Hanging small vine on the edge is also great.



2. For Asymmetrical Fans

Looking for a modern look? Try the asymmetrical shelf. Put everything in order, horizontally. Make sure the end of the board creates straight line. If possible, make continuous line with the other furniture such as cabinets or drawers.

Dive in into the concept by adding square, rectangular or hexagon photo frame on the board. Minimize any curved or rounded figurine. For taller rooms, fill the storage space with tall vases or books, in a manner where all the heights are almost filled.

Floating shelves living room with flower pot
Floating shelves living room with a flower pot

3. For Spaces In The Middle

Some house designers leave spaces in between the window. This space is usually the place for small phone desk or decorative pot. For living room, adding table in the middle of two windows will only make the room looks smaller.

Instead of space consuming item, you can put vertical wall shelf. Choosing contrastive or similar color of the wall and the shelf will not make a big difference. To meet the decorative purpose, combine the big and small items on the shelf.

4. For Stairs Look Alike

Some shelves are installed in some levels. It starts from the floor and goes up to the higher wall. It suits for living room as the substitute of display cabinet. It has more flairs and sets the focal point of the room.

It will stand out more proudly if painted with bright color, or the opposite of the wall colors. No more ornaments needed ig you have installed this one. It grabs all the stuffs on the space.


5. For Tidy Corner

Corner of the living room is the most difficult place to transform. It is the darkest and the least place people will look at. However, it holds the potential to be a useful part. Take triangle board and install it there. Paint the boards white to add the contour.

Make sure you do not mount the board too close to each other. For the corner, let it have more distance to the other boards. Put your favorite things on the shelf. If you like, you can also install a lamp to set the romantic atmosphere.

Living room resembles the face of the house. Tidy living room is good, but you can do better with a little more effort. Do not let the money you spent on the ornament go to waste. Line them up to make a comfortable space, cozy enough to show your sincerity and hospitality.

Small Floating corner shelves wood for living room

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