How to make a decorative ladder shelf

How to Make a Decorative Ladder Shelf

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Are you looking for the way to make a decorative ladder shelf with less cost by using used materials?

Do not worry, in this article we will discuss about the perfect ladder shelf components and also the steps to make one.

These are the style, components, material, and steps to make a decorative ladder shelf:


1. Give It Atmospheres

For its main component which is a ladder, you can pick your old one or buy the new one. Whether it is made of wood or metal, it depends on your interior design.

Say that you have an old ladder that is made of wood; you do not need to repaint it. What you have to do is only to clean it and make sure it is safe to be touched by bare hands.

After it is cleaned, you can put it anywhere in your house. Make sure that the wood layer don’t peel off and dirty your house floor.

After that, you need wood planks to make the shelf. You can buy a thick plank or you can use your old ones if you have them. Paint the planks into white or brown to give it a classy and elegant atmosphere.

White ladder bookshelf

But if you want vintage yet semi modern atmosphere, just paint the planks red or blue. The number of the planks is based on the number of your ladder steps.

To give it more natural design, put plastic vine on the ladder and it will be more beautiful than you can imagine.

2. Place It Horizontally

Now we are talking about how to put your old ladder horizontally on your wall. Have you ever thought about how your old ladder can be a bookshelf on your wall? It is beyond imagination.

Before putting it on the wall, make sure that the ladder was cleaned already. If it is wood do not let the wood layer peeled off and dirty your house.

Also, an old wood ladder usually has termites inside it, make sure to remove them completely or you can buy a new one.

If you are using a metal ladder, make sure it has no rust, dust, or dirt. Clean it completely so that it can be touched by bare hands.

If these ladders are clean enough, then you can start placing them on your wall by hanging them on big nails or just screw them on the walls.

The ladder steps will become the border between shelves and enhance simplicity in your room.

3. Turn It Upside Down

If you have a folded ladder, you can turn it upside down and hang it on your wall to make a decorative, creative, and minimalist design.

To put it on the wall, you need to drill the side bar of the ladder and screw it on the wall; make sure the ladder will not fall.

After the ladder has been installed upside down on the wall, add planks on each ladder steps; you can be as creative as you can by changing its color or choose different length of planks.

Those are the steps, the components, the materials, and the style to make decorative ladder shelves to give different atmospheres and designs for your interior; interesting, isn’t it? Of course it is! Now that you have known the steps to make decorative ladder shelves, how creative will you be?

Ladder shelf white

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