Natural swimming pool design ideas

The Best Natural Swimming Pool Designs: How to Have it in Your Own Home

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The Natural Swimming Pool is getting more popular nowadays.

Since the natural swimming pool will give more natural ambience and will blend with your home landscape.

Here is the information about the natural swimming pool and how to build it in your own home.

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1. The Characteristic of Natural Swimming Pool

The Natural Swimming Pool will contain less of chemical additives and manufactured materials which could be found in the common swimming pool. The natural swimming pool will also use clay and gravel stones as well as the aquatic plants which will give the oxygen to the pool.

Since the natural swimming pool has the aquatic plants, it will have a self-cleaning mini-ecosystem which means you don’t need any chemicals such as chlorine to maintain the crystal-clear water when it is managed properly.

The natural swimming pool will be more suitable to be installed in the house instead of public pools. The proper design of a natural pool has very little risk of dangerous contamination and with the self-cleaning mini ecosystem and no chemicals in the pool, it will create a better sustainable environment.

The natural swimming pool could be divided into separated areas such as a zone with planted aquatic vegetation which will be the biological filter of the pool and having a small waterfall will also a good option to add the ambience and to keep the water fresh. Some of the pool company also offer UV sterilizer to kill the germs in the pool.

The best natural swimming pool design ideas

2. Many Natural Swimming Pools Could be Found in Europe

Even though the idea of natural swimming pools come recently in the United States, apparently it is already quite common in Europe. In Munich, Germany for example, the natural swimming pool has been used in a large public pool and Europeans have the experience of this natural swimming pools already for decades.

3. The Best Natural Swimming Pool Designs

There are several designs of the natural swimming pools that you could do as a reference. For example, Green Pool design which could be applied by converting a conventional swimming pool to the natural swimming pool by adding a shallow plant area around the pool.

This will help as the natural purification of the pool. You also could divide it into two areas, so you still have the original swimming area. Another design that you could use is the Asian-theme green pool with the water feature and the plants surrounding the area.

Natural swimming green pool design ideas

Another option that you could use is the rustic looks with some rocks and plants that will add the ambience of the natural swimming pool.

The designs of the natural swimming pool designs will depend on your preference as well as your house design. If you contact the natural swimming pool contractors, they will have plenty of images of the natural swimming pools that you can choose.

Natural swimming pool with stones around it

Before choosing the design of the pool, make sure that you check first with the space of the pool that you will have and consult with your constructor if it will be suitable with your home design. Remember, the more complicated design will be more expensive than the simple one, therefore consider your budget when choosing the design for the natural pool.

Other factors that you need to keep in mind when choosing the design is the depth of the pool, make sure to have it 1.8 or less since it will need less of reinforcement. You also need to consider the good drainage plan since the good drainage channels surround your pool will give you the best result of natural pools maintenance.


4. How to Build it in Your Own Home

If you are going to create a natural swimming pool in your own home, you will need to dig the hole and make sure the sides slope. You will also need to make sure to reserve a half area of the pool surface for the shallow plants.

You will also need to have separate areas for the swimming, filtration and plant zone. In the plant zone, you will need to have it deeper and reach around 18 inches depth near the swimming area.

One of the most important parts of the natural swimming pool is the filtration of the pool. Please note that you will need to have the water to be able to circulate continuously and have adequate oxygen. The water treatment is the most important part of the natural pool.

You will need to have water quality properly and to have a proper filter system installation. Since this is quite a complicated procedure, it is advisable for you to use the pool company to install the filtration or water treatment to get the right system for your pool.

To seal the pool after you dig the hole, you could choose from several options depending on the condition of the soil. You can use Bentonite, or Ethylene propylene diene monomer for the liner, or you could use cement or rastra block if you consider for the concrete option.

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5. How to Select the Plants

When coming on selecting the plants for the pool, make sure that you check with a native-plant company in order to get the information about the plants that are suitable for the climate in your region. In order to keep the water quality and to give the right amount of oxygen in the pool, you can choose the rooted plants and the floating plants.

The other plants will help to make the pool looks greener and to maintain the complex living ecosystem. Choose the aquatic plants such as rushes, sedges, cattails, arrowhead or water primroses.

If you are having an algae problem in your natural swimming pool, make sure that your pool is free from the factors that could make the algae grow such as the fertilizers and urine. Avoid putting any chemical additives that claimed able to kill algae since it could ruin the balanced ecosystem of your natural swimming pool.

Therefore, either you will go with the Asian theme, simple or more advanced designs with the waterfall, make sure that you consult first with the constructor and to find if it’s suitable with the landscape and your budget. The natural swimming pool will not only make your backyard look greener and beautiful but it also friendlier with the environment.

How to Select the Plants for natural swimming pools

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