How to decorate entertainment center shelves

How to Decorate Entertainment Center Shelves

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Do you have an entertainment center shelves but you don’t know what to put on it? Like its name, you should put things that entertain you.

Entertainment center is a room inside your house where you can entertain yourself; so to decorate your entertainment center shelves, these things are needed to be put on:


1. Television

Television is the most common one to put on the middle of the shelf. Why it is? It is because television is the source where people can sit back and enjoy watching shows without having to do anything.

Television can also become the center to access other entertainment purposes like video players and game consoles.

Besides that, television can also be a decoration to enhance the nuances in the room; it brings elegance and class in modern way. The variant of television can be different, but the purposes are the same.

2. Neat Covered Books

Books are the window of many stories. Some people would rather read books than watch movies or shows. Books with neat cover also give great nuances of harmony, calmness, and warmth to the entertainment center.


3. Elegant Picture Frames

Elegant frames for your pictures are perfect to be put on your entertainment center shelves. Put it near your books or on an empty shelf.

The frames will give elegant and class to your entertainment center. It will be better if you have some with different size but don’t put too many frames or it will lose the elegance and classy nuances.

4. Table Lamp

There are many kinds of table lamps, but if it will be put on the entertainment center shelves, it has to be simple, brings other nuances to the room, and enriches the other decorations.

For example if your shelves have vintage or old design, then you need to choose a proper lamp table for it and do not use any with modern design.


5. Antiques

Entertainment center glass shelves

Antiques like statues and vases are the common ones to be put on the entertainment center shelves. These antiques bring many nuances and atmospheres at the same time into the room; that is why most antiques have extremely high prices.

The nuances and atmospheres brought by the antiques are calmness, warmth, class, elegance, peace, simplicity, and prestige. This is why antiques are perfect to be put on the entertainment center.

6. Real or Plastic Plants

Plants are also great to be put on the shelves. But don’t put the big pot, choose the small ones. The most common plant to be put on these shelves is cactus. Why is it? It is because cactus has its smaller species that do not grow big.

But having plants also will make flies and other insects come into the house. If you don’t want it, then you may replace it with plastic plant. The most important aspect is to keep the green color from it to give calm atmosphere for the room.

These are the decoration to be put on your entertainment center shelves. Do not mistake a decoration with electronics. Decoration is the one that can give different nuances and atmospheres and electronics are the purpose of the entertainment itself. Then, how about a television? That is an exception because it will do both.

Entertainment center with shelves

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