How to Decorate White Shelves

How to Decorate White Shelves

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Do you have white shelves at home that you don’t know what to put on there? How to decorate white shelves? There are many things that can be put on those white shelves.

However, it is essential to consider things that actually functional in addition to being decorative to add.

These are the things that can be put on the shelves while they serve those double functions.


1. Put Framed Pictures

It doesn’t have to be the picture of you or your family members, it can be anything; just don’t let it have too many colors. White is a neutral color and to balance it you need other colors.

However, keep the colors soft and not too many. The most common colors from the pictures to decorate white shelves are black and white, beige, sepia, soft green, tosca, maroon, and soft blue while the frames are black, white, or wood.

2. Add Table Lamps or Candles

Choosing table lamps or candles can be tricky. Why is it? It is because the first thing you have to see is the thickness of the shelves. If the shelves are thin then you should look for a big chunk of table lamps or candles.

If the shelves are thick then you should look for thin lamps or candles. The same with pictures, the colors also need to be considered.

3. Set Table Clocks

Table clocks are also great to be put on white shelves, but there can only be one clock so you have to choose your clock really carefully. Keep it old is the solution. If you are confused what and how to choose the clock, you can always buy an old-looking clock.

An old-looking clock is the best design to be put on white shelves along with other decorations. Or you can also choose white framed clock to match the white shelves. By doing this, you can add more things with bright colors as decorations.

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4. Keep Books with Covers

Books also make great decorations for white shelves. Not only for your reading purposes, but it can be used for decoration purposes as well. The things you need to consider are the cover and the thickness of the book.

The books covers need to have neutral or dark colors like beige, cream, navy, maroon, and dark green. Make sure that there are more neutral colors than dark ones. The dark color is only to balance the nuance.

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5. Don’t Forget Decorative Plants

There are a lot to consider if you want to put plants on white shelves.

First, you need to consider the dirt that may drop from the pot; the dirt may make your shelf to get dirty and if it is wet it will leave dirt stain that will leave yellow spot on your white shelf.

Second, consider the pot shape and color. To keep the simplicity, choose small pot with bowl or box shape, make sure the color is white, black, or brown. If you want to put darker colors, make sure the other decoration has bright colors. Remember, dark colors are only for balancing the color.

Third, don’t let insects come in; if the plants invite too many insects, change it to plastic ones.

Those things are great decorations for white shelves. The main point of white shelves is simplicity and harmony. So whatever you put on it, don’t let it to get messy and have too many colors. Don’t forget to add “you” on the selection to make it more personal.

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