How to decorate bathroom shelves

How to Decorate Bathroom Shelves for Enhanced Relaxation

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A bathroom is a place where we should feel relaxed and enjoy our time.

To enhance the experience of relaxing, you need to put things that can help yourself to feel relaxed.

In this article, we will discuss about those things that make you feel relaxed as bathroom shelves decorations. These are the things needed to be put in the bathroom:


1. Play with Towels

Why towels? Because just by looking at a rolled towel would give the mind calm and soft feeling that can help you feel relaxed.

To obtain maximum relaxation, choose the thickest yet the softest towels and pile it up like a pyramid of 2 to 3 layers. Or if you have shelves that can only be inserted by one towel only per shelf, be playful on the arrangement. It potentially increases indoor mood and atmosphere.

If you want to pile up the towels, make sure they have the same colors. If it is divided, you may choose different colors. But you need to be thoughtful in picking the colors; towel colors are based on the most dominant colors in your bathroom.

For example if your bathroom wall has white color and the shelves are also white, then the towels also have to be white.


2. Add Plastic Green Plants

You must be questioning this choice. Why does it have to be plastic plants instead of real plants? It is okay to put real plants on your bathroom shelves.

However, if the dirt gets wet, you will smell it and it won’t get you into relaxation. The other reason why you need to put the plastic ones is because plants will make insects come into your bathroom. You don’t want bees and flies joining your relaxation, do you?

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3. Prefer on White Roses or White Orchid

Bathroom shelves decor with white orchid flower arrangements

After seeing what has written above, you must be questioning how real roses and orchid will make any different from letting the insects to join your relaxation. Yes, this is risky; especially these decorations are real flowers and bees love flowers.

Actually you can put on the plastic ones, but the smell and the texture of real flowers will help your eyes and nose to realize that you are getting into relaxation.

In addition to it, the beautiful shape of flowers adds calmness and natural touch in the room. It is perfect as decoration and relaxation accent.

4. Incense Bowl

There is no faster way to get into deep relaxation than lighting up incenses. Incense won’t be complete without its bowl. To decorate your shelves, choose an incense bowl with traditional design and texture.

Even so, don’t choose anything like traditional Chinese with dragon or Chinese engraving or it would be too much for relaxation. To maintain the relaxation in the bathroom, every decoration needs to be simple and has soft textures.

For recommendation, it is better to choose the one that made of clay. The traditional and simple look with no additional texture will keep the balance of simplicity in your bathroom and enhance the relaxation process.

Those are the things that can decorate your bathroom shelves. These decorations are not just decorations; they can affect your relaxation in the bathroom. Every decoration must have purposes; whether it is for nuances, atmosphere, or feelings. Now that you have known the decoration ideas for your bathroom shelves, which one do you like most?

Bathroom shelves decoration ideas with incense bowl ceramic and others

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