How to Remove Pee Smell from Mattress

How to Remove Pee Smell from Mattress

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This accident seems to be unavoidable especially when you have kids around the house, or pets.

We can remove the puddle right away but some of it will get absorbed into the mattress and it causes the stinky smell.

Ew! Check out the following tips to remove the smell completely.

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1. Using Hydrogen Peroxide or Vinegar

Vinegar isn’t toxic or dangerous. However, it can be a little stinky. If you don’t mind with a mattress that smells a bit like salad, vinegar is a great alternative to eliminate the smell of the soaked in urine on your mattress.

On the other side, hydrogen peroxide is actually toxic when inhaled or ingested. However, the properties make it an effective cleaner and deodorizer. You can use by cutting with two parts of water but you can also use it straight from the bottle.

If you want to use one of these cleaning liquids, try the following method. It should be applicable for both cleaners.

  1. Prepare a spray bottle and add undiluted white vinegar or the diluted hydrogen peroxide into the bottle.
  2. Spray the affected area. It is also wise to spray a little on surrounding area near to the urine stains.
  3. Spray until the entire area is damp enough.
  4. Set aside the spray and blot dry the area using paper towel or dry cloth.
  5. Then, leave the mattress to air dry for awhile. Don’t use any sheet yet until it is completely dry and the smell is gone.

2 Top Ingredients with Most Work Quickly to Remove Pee Smell from Mattress

2. Using Baking Soda or Borax

While it is actually a baking substance, baking soda is a great odor eater as well. In addition to it, it actually cleans stains pretty good. We actually can use it for closet and refrigerator cleaning as it is non toxic and low cost substance.

Meanwhile, borax is often used in cleaning products. It is claimed to be an effective bacterial agent but it can be toxic as well. It explains why borax is often the last alternative on the list.

Comparing to baking soda, borax will be far more effective. Even borax based products will be more effective than baking soda alone.

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Both borax and baking soda are powder. So the previous method isn’t suitable. Try the following methods for the last two solution alternatives.

  1. Use water to dampen the soiled area where the pee smell comes from.
  2. Sprinkle the baking soda or borax on the area. Make sure you sprinkle enough amount to use.
  3. Rub the substances into the mattress well. Don’t press too much but make sure it works the mattress.
  4. Leave it to dry for a while.
  5. Brush off or vacuum the entire remaining substances on your mattress.

You have at least four solution alternatives. Try to use the right solution with the right method. It should be easy to do while it removes the odor quickly.

Make sure to do it while your kids are busy playing or away to prevent intoxication especially when you use borax. Don’t forget to wear gloves as skin protection. Good luck!

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