How to Get Rid of Smell in Fridge

How to Get Rid of Smell in Fridge

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There is nothing more disturbing than getting ready to prepare a meal for the family and you open the fridge and smell that stinky odor.

Your appetite quickly disappears and it takes a long time to find out what can cause the smell.

Check out the following three simple ways you can try to remove the smell.


1. Clean up the Entire Fridge

This can sound very tiring but you need to take out all you keep that may be rotten. You also need to take out all food that you won’t need for the next few days.

Put all the remaining food in a cooler to keep its good condition, and unplug your fridge. Throw away all rotten foods and label the entire leftovers you have. Rearrange them on air tight seal and put the label on it.

Next you will need to clean the fridge. Wipe the entire surfaces of the fridge and areas under the shelves. Take out the drawers and soak in the sink.

Make sure to wipe the inside of the drawers as well. The outside surfaces and door seal need to be wiped as well.

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2. Work with Natural Cleaning Solutions

Why do we use natural cleaning solution? Several solutions may mention they use minimal chemical in it.

However, it is never safe to use chemical in areas where you place your food on. It’s a little iffy and it can be toxic. You should opt for natural cleaning solution, in which you get effective effect with minimal risks.

Dissolve a cup of baking soda with warm water and stir until everything mixes well. Scrub the entire fridge surfaces with this solution will remove odor, stain, and bacteria.

In alternative to dissolved baking soda, you can also combine one part water and one part vinegar. Use this mixture to scrub and wipe the fridge. It should bring back your fridge natural shine too.

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3. Use Odor Remover on the Fridge Shelves

An open box of baking soda can actually take away all the odors. You can also spread it on a cooking tray and leave it in the fridge after cleaning. It absorbs the entire smell very quickly.

Remove it before stuffing in your food. Tougher smell can be handled with a little vanilla on your baking soda.

There are other natural odor removers that you can leave in the fridge for longer time. Your options include a bowl of oats, charcoal briquettes, a cup of white vinegar, dried coffee grounds.

A dish of dried coffee grounds can create smell as well but the smell disappears very quickly. The best thing is the coffee smell takes away other smell with it too. This is a great alternative for those who like keeping a lot of stuffs in the fridge.

Don’t let the smell lingers any longer. It affects a lot of things including your family health. Immediately apply those methods and get rid of things that shouldn’t be there. They are easy to do and they remove your issue fast.

How to use coffee grounds to remove smells in fridge

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