Bathroom Faucets Oil Rubbed Bronze

Tips in Maintaining Bathroom Faucets Oil Rubbed Bronze

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There are many materials that can be used to made bathroom faucets. Different materials definitely require different treatment, so do with oil-rubbed bronze.

Having a bathroom faucet that is made of oil-rubbed bronze definitely will make you to maintain it in different ways than you maintain any other materials.

Thus, here are some tips that you probably can apply when you’re maintaining oil-rubbed bronze bathroom faucets.


1. Clean the Faucets More Often

The most common tip is to clean your oil-rubbed bronze faucet more often than you clean any other parts of your bathroom. Keep the faucets from deterioration, corrosion and also from green film by doing the routine cleaning to your oil-rubbed bronze faucets.

Those are the three dangerous things that may harm your faucets. Do the right and proper cleaning to keep the great colors of your oil-rubbed bronze faucets shining.

2. Remove the Dust

Any dust appeared on your faucets will make it look dirty and doesn’t look shining. Keeping your oil-rubbed bronze faucets from dust will make you use different ways than you usually do to other materials.

Always remember to avoid hairspray, toothpaste or shaving gel and any other bathroom grime because those things can really harm the surface of your faucets. Instead, use soft and dry flannel then wipe it gently to the faucets.

3. Keep it from Grim

An abandoned oil-rubbed bronze faucet definitely requires proper cleaning since there will be so many grim appear on it. In case you find so much grim appeared, it’s better for you to use an approved gentle cleaning ways using soft-bristle.

This is the formula you need to prepare. Add one tablespoon of salt into three bowls of warm water and wipe your bathroom faucets using this formula then rinse it with clear water.

Remove all the grim and dust from all the crevices and all around the base. Wipe the bathroom faucets gently using a flannel cloth to finish it.

Contemporary oil rubbed bronze bathroom faucets

4. Polish the Faucets Periodically

This tip is the next level of maintenance and can be more complicated than the previous tips. Use a clean soft cloth and dip it to liquid wax then wipe it to the entire bathroom faucets.

Wait until dry enough to make it coats the whole faucets. Then use a new soft cloth to burnish the metal. It will make the faucets to restore the shine on the oil-rubbed bronze that probably has faded after some abandoned time.

5. Prevent from Disease

The last step is may be the most important one since it will help you to prevent the oil-rubbed bronze faucets from any diseases that may harm.

Since the combination of moisture and oxygen from the cleaning process produce chlorides, it’s a reminder for you since there will be a rough corrosion that may harms too.

Use sodium sesquicarbonate to reduce the possibility since it’s also used by professional plumbers in removing any diseases on oil-rubbed bronze.

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Different kind of maintenance is surely needed in taking care of our oil-rubbed bronze faucets since this kind of material is rarely used. Hence, those tips will make you easier in maintaining your oil-rubbed bronze faucets.

Bathroom faucets oil rubbed bronze single handle

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