Window Shutters Indoor for Living Room Interior design

Window Shutters Indoor for Any Room of Your House

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Windows now also function a lot in the interior design. That’s why, lots of interior designers want to dress windows not with curtains only.

They want the windows to be unique so that it can boost the beauty of the interior design.

One of the ways to beautify windows are adding window shutters indoor. Here are some ideas:


1. A Crisp Shutters Windows for Your Bathroom

Bathroom is a relaxing place. So, make sure you have the best comfort in the room. Do you have a bathroom whose windows showing the view outside? That’s a perfect fit for adding a crisp window shutter.

If you have bathroom that is dominated with white color, opt for white paint as well for the bathroom’s shutters windows. You can place the shutters by your bath tub.

Later, when you are enjoying your bath, you can enjoy the natural view outside as well as what outside can offer to you while bathing. Crack the shutters during day time to give bathroom some natural and beautiful lighting.

Half window indoor shutters for bathroom

2. A Café Accent Shutter

Next idea for indoor window shutters is the ones with café accent. Unfortunately, such shutters will only work perfectly if you favor a playful and fun accent.

Besides, the windows shutters will work great if you do not like any distracting or bulky furniture pieces take away from your favorite room.

Remember! If you like less fun vibe in your room, don’t opt for this café accent window shutters. Instead, go for the next ideas of window shutters below.

Café Accent Shutter window indoors

3. Rustic Compliment

Next up is window shutters for home owners who favor rustic touch a lot. The next idea for interior window shutter is rustic compliment. You can always have shutters that are not yet finished or unfinished ones.

Interior shutters are not necessarily coming with finishing. If you have unfinished shutter windows, you will be able to create a rustic and cozy center to the room. Yet, with such touch of shutters, you will not be able to have preppy or vintage appeal.

Such style will be perfect for your living room. Infuse more rustic vibe to your living room by decorating your windows with rustic shutters.

Rustic indoor window shutters

4. Playful Prep for Window Shutters Indoor

Serious vibe is somewhat boring, especially if that is used for a room in our house that is for chilling or for meeting our favorite people. That’s why; you need to know playful prep style for interior window shutter.

What is great about this style of window shutter is that your interior windows shutter can also play a role of topping off a preppy yet playful room that are designed with nautical touches and chic lines.

To complement the style of the shutter windows, create a vibe that includes Cape Cod and beachy style and touch to the room. Such room with such vibe will be great to be a guest room.

Blue Neutical window shutters indoor wooden playful living room

5. Wall Extension

Your shutter windows can also play more roles to the room. Your shutter windows can also be a wall extension. How can it be so? Well, shutter windows can be in cottage and charming style, but they can also be an extension for your walls if they are painted using similar shades.

So, if you want your shutters to be wall extension, don’t forget to paint them with the same shades you use for painting the walls. You definitely could see the shutters’ texture. Yet, the shutters will not take away the room’s overall beauty. This kind of shutters is usually great for bedroom.

Bedroom Window Shutters Indoor

6. Windows Shutters in Barn Wood

Barn wood may not be your first choice when it comes to the materials of creating window shutters. You may also think that shutters made of barn wood will not be appealing.

But wait! When you have a bathroom with wood roof, white walls, bath tub in dark wood color, wood bench, and is dominated with rustic style, window shutters from barn wood is the best fit! Such bathroom will surely turn your bathroom to be the one in fairy tale. Yup! Window shutters made of barn wood will do rustic-styled bathroom the best.

Barn Wood Window Shutter Indoors

7. Window Shutters from DIY Addition

Are you getting bored of all choices of window shutters in the internet? Well, why don’t you occupy your creativity? You can always make windows shutters that suit your style preference.

To make DIY window shutters are simple! You only need some pieces of wood and hinges. To make it, you simply need to hold all the woods by the hinges.

Then, paint the wood shutters with the colors of your choice. Match the color of your window shutter with the color harmony of the entire room. Then, see how the window shutters transform the room into the room of your choice.

Wooden window shutters interior diy
Window shutters Design ideas by Anne. Image:

8. Tall and Big Window Shutters

Tall and big window shutters can also do something great to your favorite room! Get your window shutters customized by having the shutters with single frame. Such window shutters could really widen and brighten the room.

Moreover, window shutters with this style could maintain the contemporary touch in the room. To infuse even more contemporary feel in the room, decorate the window shutters with traditional curtains. Such window shutters are usually great for your family room. Go contemporary!

Tall and big window shutters indoor

9. Rainbow Bright Window Shutters

Do you like something unique and different? Why don’t you try this rainbow window shutter? Such window shutters will be great addition to the room of your loved ones. Simply paint the window shutters with the colors of rainbow. You can paint the shutters by yourself or you can have them painted and customized for you. Such rainbow-lit window shutters will surely be an incredible addition to the interior design of you children’s bedroom.

Rainbow painting window shutters indoor
Rainbow shutters window interior bedroom

Have you chosen your favorite style of window shutters? Make sure you understand the style of the room first and also your preferable style before installing the window shutters. Window shutter is more than just a way from which lighting come. Window shutter can even boost another feeling to your favorite room.

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