Front Porch Flooring Ideas

Front Porch Flooring Ideas

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Spending hours with relatives, families or friends under shady area is the dream of many people. The joy would be perfect if you could provide the pairing for the floor.

It may seem simple, but choosing the suitable material will definitely make the difference in terms of look and comfort.

The most popular form of front porch is landing concrete and wrap around patio. Each will give different finished look and vibe after flooring installation. Also, flooring for deck is not similar to the porch.

Since the flooring for front porch will be shielded from heat and rain, it has numerous variations, from simple to stained material.

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1. Uniform Color or Pattern

This idea looks especially great in wraparound porch. A similar look will expand the area more, and unify the look. As the result, the transition will be smooth and dynamic.

Put on the pattern in straight line for wider illusion. You can also arrange it diagonally, creating twisting art. Installing patterned flooring also helps the guest to place each step carefully.

2. Shade of Gray

Decorative flooring does not only apply to the unfinished floor only. You could also remodel the plain boring floor to get some catchy accent.

For example, you could redo the floor and install the gray flooring, with darker shade of diamond in the middle. Highlight the lines with black stain.

3. Brick Path

If you love your concrete that much, probably you could engrave your own model on it. The simplest one is the brick pattern.

Finish it by staining stone colored paint and roughly dabbing reddish brown liquid. It would be lovely and beautiful, especially if your front porch is connected to the village side road.

4. Fake Wood

Another trick to do with your concrete is stamping the wood pattern on it. For those who love the ranch style, you could get the fancy look as well as the low maintenance.

If possible, stack the wood stamp to the sidewalk for unified look. Match the pillar to the vibe by covering half of it with natural stone.

5. Random Pattern

Through years, the flooring on front porch will decompose and spall. Considering the condition of the concrete after replacing the old tiles, stamping random pattern would be an option.

Of course, it should be done after the concrete has been layered. Fill the stamped pattern with random tile pattern for a fancy vibe.

6. Horizontal Dark Stain

The neutral color for any front porch is white. If your house also adopts similar idea, you will need contrasting color for your floor.

Pick the dark stain of these colors: brown, black, and dark yellow. Apply it on the floor, alternating the color so you would get wood illusion.

7. Natural Stone

If your front porch is framing the beauty of nature, install natural stone for your flooring. Pick the combination of red, blue, gray and dark green for the floor.

Be creative with the pattern and play with length and color. Furniture made from wood and flowery cushions will complete the look.

You should not stop and be happy right after installing the porch. Standing tall and strong, the porch would not be complete without the perfect floor pairing.

There are some available options for the flooring. Pick the one that suits the condition and atmosphere of your environment. Let your guests enjoy the beauty of the floor.

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