Front Porch Enclosure Ideas

Back and Front Porch Enclosure Ideas

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The idea of renovating a house is terrifying when you consider about the budget. If you are tired with current patio, rejuvenating the building with a porch enclosure is brilliant.

It costs less than renovating yet it brings you serious improvement of function and value of the building part.

Check out the following ideas for inspiration.

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Porch Enclosure Types

Based on your porch’s configuration, you are required to enclose your space. There are four types of porch enclosure which are screen rooms, three season rooms, four season rooms, and solariums.

  1. Screen Rooms

Screen rooms use extruded aluminum screen rolling panels. It provides the visibility without glare and offers superior strength. The screen itself will stay clean and resistant, even better than the traditional fiberglass.

The extruded aluminum frame is durable though. Screen rooms should have internal electrical raceway that access to wire the screen room.

  1. Three Season Rooms

Three season rooms use extruded aluminum screen rolling panels just like the screen rooms. However, this porch enclosure is more advanced with the interlock sash that gives additional protection by using interlocking sashes.

  1. Four Season Rooms

For the four season rooms, there are two different categories including four season vinyl sunroom and four season aluminum sunroom. Four season vinyl sunroom is suitable for vinyl-sided house that uses vinyl exterior finishes.

Meanwhile, the aluminum sunroom is designed to be cooled and heated. It provides high resistance of fading, peeling, and scratching.

  1. Solariums

Solarium is built with an inch thick double-pane glass to improve the cooling and heating performance. It is ideal and applicable for the extreme roof pitch and height. The frame itself includes bronze and white sandstone.

Back Porch Enclosure Ideas

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Porch Enclosure Ideas

Here are seven ideas of porch enclosure you can apply and adopt.

  1. Screen Porch Windows

Windows are made to fit the opening width so that it is very easy to install. It is an easy-installed choice for your deck, porch, and even garage.

  1. Outdoor Curtains and Outdoor

If you want to make your porch becomes an elegant ambience, you can use outdoor drapes or curtains. It gives fanciful touch to the porch when the wind blows.

  1. Attractive Mosquito Curtains

If you want to enclose your porch without much expense of screening, you can choose attractive mosquito curtains. However, it is only ideal for the home that is located in a place that full of mosquitoes and insects.

  1. Screen Porch Awnings

It is a semi-permanent building that can be used anytime you want because it is flexible. In addition, it does not require high cost.

  1. Screened Porch Kits

Porch enclosure kits are a good option for adding more outdoor space enjoyment. You can do it by yourself because it is specially design for DIY projects.

  1. Sophisticated NanaWall

If you have a sophisticated house, the open wall system provides more options. It blends well with the outdoor and indoor space with beautiful view.

  1. Pre-Constructed Window Wall Systems

Walls can be used as the porch enclosure that is connected at the home site. By using frame and vinyl sashes, you do not have to paint it. It is suitable for the three season porch or screen porch.

There are more than enough options for a porch enclosure. Depending on your preference and building characteristic, any choice should be excellent. So which one is going to be your next project?

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