Exposed Brick Wall Decorating Ideas

Exposed Brick Wall Decorating Ideas You Should Try

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You must feel lucky to have exposed brick walls as one of the interior designs of your home. You absolutely make other home owners jealous!

Exposed brick walls are able to add warmth and character to any room in a house.

Make most of the exposed brick walls in your home by using certain styling option to decorate it. Here are some ideas for you!

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1. Wood Accents

Of all different styling options out there to decorate exposed brick walls, you could opt for wood accent style instead.

This kind of styling requires you to paint those brick walls of yours in white. When brick walls are painted in white, they will turn to be blank canvases that are waiting for being embellished.

Complementing the white paint is the use of furniture in dark wood color. Some examples of the furniture pieces are beside tables and headboards. Such furniture pieces are able to give a striking contrast to the white walls. You could absolutely use other furniture pieces. What’s important here is to make the contrast between the colors of the walls and the ones on the furniture.

Nice decor ideas for living room exposed brick wall with wood accent panels

2. Wall Art

You don’t like white walls, huh? No worries! You could opt for wall art! You could even work on your DIY project on the exposed brick walls in your home. However, if you think you don’t have enough time to do such project, you could always buy the art pieces.

Wall art exposed brick wall decorating ideas for bedroom

The DIY pieces, be it bought or made, could give textured look to your brick walls. One thing to remember here is to make sure that you use simple design on the walls. It doesn’t mean, however, that you cannot feel free to work and play with colors of your choice.

If you think you like orange-dipped piece for the fringe of the room, go with it. As long as you could maintain the harmony between the color of the brick walls, the art pieces on the wall, and the other furniture pieces, you are good to go.

3. Tassel Garland

Another great idea to decorate your brick walls is Tassel Garland. This decorating idea is great if the brick walls that you have are the rough ones. Chances are you could turn the room with that rough brick wall into a nursery room. You could even turn the room with that rough bricks look feminine and light.

What you need is as simple as tassel garland that are hung across the brick wall. To make the decoration light, make sure you use tassel in peach tone such as white tassel, light blue tassel, cream tassel, light orange tassel, and grey tassel. Once you are done decorating the wall with tassel garland, place a crib next to the wall. Voila! The roughness of the exposed brick wall is manipulated.

Tassel Garland for exposed brick wall decorating ideas

4. Simple Art

Coming up next is simple art to decorate the exposed brick wall in your home. When you are decorating a wall, you tend to include as many decorative accessories as you can to make most of the space of the brick wall. Well, the number of accessories will still do the wall good if you know how to get the right composition. Otherwise, you will just end up with overwhelming brick wall.

Instead of using too many decorative items, you could just simply occupy two pieces of simple art prints. Those two art prints are enough to revamp the brick wall of yours. Done with the decorative items, now work with the furniture. Place black sofa next to the wall and some cushions on it. If possible, choose cushions that are in the same color with the dominant color of the art prints.

Simple art prints for exposed brick wall decor ideas

5. Washed Out

You may be questioning “How to decorate brick walls that are in kitchen? Can I use the same decoration ideas above to my kitchen?” Well, you can give this washed-out decoration idea a try. If you are currently remodeling you kitchen featuring white brick walls, you better consider the use of appliances and furniture in the similar tones.

Choosing similar tones doesn’t mean that you should go with white appliances and furniture. Instead, you could use kitchen furniture in gray tone that has modern look. Choosing such furniture (and appliances) will help you retain the warmth in the room. Furniture in such tone will even create more warmth when it complemented with right cabinets in the same tone and wood floors.

Exposed brick wall decor ideas for kitchen
Exposed brick wall decor ideas for kitchen

6. String of Lights

If you are not sure about choosing the right furniture to complement the exposed brick walls in your house or picking the right decorative items, you could simply hanging stringing garland across brick walls.

What to hang then? Simple! A string of lights! Hang that string of lights across the brick wall and see how it can bring a whimsical vibe to the room. Such decoration can even work better when the brick wall is in a spacious room such as bedroom. Go give it a try!

String of Lights for exposed brick wall decorating ideas

7. Black Wall

You may have encountered many articles and also many interior designers suggesting you to use white paint on you exposed brick walls. Then you think that this idea sounds so common. You are right! Why not trying to use black paint instead? Black-painted exposed-brick walls are just as stunning as the right-painted ones.

Black exposed brick wall decor ideas for living room

This kind of decoration will surely be an unexpected thing that is surely to be the starter of conversation among your beloved guests. When you are done painting those walls in black, make sure you use furniture pieces in brighter color so that you won’t make dark vibe in the room.

Some examples of the furniture pieces are beddings in white, cushions in white and light brown, grey or white art pieces hung on the wall, and white tables next to your bed.

There is plethora of ideas on how to decorate exposed brick walls. Regardless of your decoration choice, make sure that you always consider the harmony of the color of the wall with the room’s furniture and other decorative items.

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