How To Get Your House Ready To Sell

Tips On How To Get Your House Ready To Sell

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Trying to offer a house to the market within certain period of time is a true challenge. There are lots of properties sold in the magazine and websites.

Thus, they need something different that will attract potential buyers. What could be a good addition for the house?

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1. Repair The House

The most important thing to do before setting up the price is repairing the place. In many cases, house owners think that their house is presentable as it is.

This kind of impression raises since they see the flaws every day. One of the solution is bringing the neighbor into the house. Ask them to point out some corners or things that could be improved. Some neutral opinions are quite useful at times like this.

The next challenge is about deciding which part of the house that should be repaired first. For a better house price, pick the kitchen before any other room. Many sellers believe that the house owners are not actually selling the bog building, but only the kitchen. A nice cooking corner with fully functioned tools will boost the house price up to 85%. It will cover the repairing costs.

Keep in mind that the attempt is done to make the house look nicer. Unfortunately, many house owners are going overboard with the upgrade. Some of them even doing a total make over to the house. Indeed, the house are sold out faster and gets the highest offer. Before celebrating the jackpot, deduce the repairing cost from the total income. Is it still a great deal? In most cases, it is not.

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2. Be Prepared For A Showing

When a house has put a “sold” sign in front of the gate, it means the owners should be ready to accompany the potential buyers. Make sure to keep the house tidy and clean. It is the first look of the house that plays the role to invite the buyers in. Some people refuse to stop and ask because they see the dusty fence. It will be even worse if the mail box is broken.

The buyers might just come right away as they pass the road. For those who put up the sale in the online sites, people might make appointment by phone call. In this case, the owners could make some sorts of arrangements to leave better impressions to the buyers. Double check on the following things before opening the door:

  1. Make sure all the tables are clean from dirty plates. Do the dishes and empty the bin.
  2. Tidy up all the beds. Don’t forget to arrange the pillow and bolsters nicely.
  3. Cover all the clothes left in the drawers with hampers and hang them with hangers. When the house owners have no time to do the laundry, never put the dirty clothes inside the washers. The buyers might be curious to open it.
  4. Wipe every corner and surface of the table. For the rug and floor, sweep and vacuum them.

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3. Treat The House As An Asset

To tell the truth, the hardest part of selling house is forgetting all the memories made there. While packing all the things, a second thought might come. Is it a right decision to sell the building? Is it the right time to leave? If these kinds of thought is still lingering, then the house owners might not find the potential buyers in near time. Whether the owners realize or not, the way they explain will be different.

Instead of assuring the buyers that the house is the perfect place to stay, the owners might share the past memories. This certainly won’t lead to good business. To ensure that the house has turned into an asset, there are simple steps that could be applied.

#1. Removing Personal Stuffs

It is easy to see which property is ready to sell. A house with full family portrait is definitely not one of them. Even if the buyers still find the owners’ stuff, it is usually occupied only one third of the total space.

#2. Painting The Walls

Personal touch should be given by the new owner, not the old one. Particularly for those house owners with special preference, it is suggested to paint the walls to more acceptable tone. Here is the secret of any best selling house: paint it in neutral tone. Bold colored walls appeals smaller number of people.

#3. Keeping The Pets Away

This is a big deal for the house owners. Even though people love pets, it is usually not written on the buyers’ face. Thus, taking away the pets for a while will be a great step. Otherwise, the fur might stick here and there, leaving a bad impression to the buyers.

#4. Changing The Lights

Lights are also personal. While some people prefer to lit up dim light, the others like their hall bright. In this case, the best solution is sticking to the public’s point of view. It is better to start with the well-lighted areas.

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4. Give The Right Price

Basically, there are two tricks to get the suitable price for the property. The first one is doing a research. Usually, the price of a house depends on the location, the area of the land and also the area of the house. The easiest way to find the ideal price is looking at similar offer in the internet. Take the most common bid offered by the house owners. Next, cut 15 to 20% from the price.

The second trick is finding the professional brokers. For a house owner with no experience in selling houses, a hand from broker is preferred. The only tricky part is finding the suitable one. He doesn’t have to be the best, but keep himself updated about the price. Otherwise, the price offered will be either too high or too low.

Great house price could be given to the house owners by the bidders only when they smartly arrange the property. The key is keeping everything tidy and clean. Allow the bidders to get access to more spaces. If possible, re-paint the house and fix every broken furniture as well. Good Luck!

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