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How to Choose the Right Unfinished Vanity Bench?

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Completing your vanity with the right bench will be very essential.

It makes sure both items can be collaborated ultimately, and you have the best comfort and access while using it.

Several vanities like kitchen vanity and dressing room vanity do require bench sometimes.

This is how you should choose it.

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1. Measure the Vanity and Your Need

This includes measuring almost everything related to the bench. First you need to measure the vanity bench. The bench height should be appropriate so that people can sit comfortably and accessing the vanity from there nicely. It is important to consider your kids as well if they are going to use it too.

In addition to the height, you also need to be specific on the gaps between each bench if you want multiple of it. Its distance to the vanity will affect the design as well so measure them all carefully. Be exact on it.

2. Decide on the Right Wood

Many unfinished furniture items are now available on so many options and the varieties lie on the material as well. The options available are very vast, from oak to mahogany.

The option should affect the price you need to pay as well. In addition to it, each wood will offer different look, patterns, and texture.

So if you plan to alter the bench as well, you will need to consider the texture and toughness. Several varieties of wood are better to be left without altering it as it takes too much effort to do it yourself.

Several other woods are already great the way it is as well. Most importantly, it is recommended to choose the same wood as your vanity.

Unfinished wood vanity bench
Image: dutchcrafters.com

3. Decide on How You Will Finish It

The unfinished condition is many as well. You can get the assembled or pre assembled. If you plan to alter the design, the pre assembled is a better choice. However, if you only need to coat it, the assembled one is better and faster to finish.

Several woods will need some more treatment before coating while the other is ready to paint immediately. If you plan to finish it on certain colors, check the paint properties and make sure they fit well for the bench material. It prevents you from unnecessary expense.

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4. Compare Quality to Price

Normally, unfinished vanity bench is much more affordable comparing to the finished one. However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to check the quality. Check on how it is made and how all parts are assembled. Is the assembling good and strong enough? Does it use good enough quality of wood?

Cheap bench may have several flaws you need to be aware of. For example, it isn’t sturdy enough, or the wood isn’t capable of heavy weight. Generally, more expensive price also means better quality yet it isn’t always anymore. So double check the bench.

This guide should lead you to the right bench to purchase. Make sure to do every step carefully and don’t make decision in a rush to prevent missing details. Happy shopping!

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