Unfinished Vanity Base Cabinets

How to Get the Right Unfinished Vanity Base Cabinets

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Buying unfinished vanity base cabinets is now preferable for almost all customers, expect for the very busy one who prefers ready to use items.

It offers more affordable rate, modifiable design, and freedom for finishing.

If you are thinking the same way, the following guide will lead you to the right option.

1. Get the Right Measurement

Measurement needed to make the right decision includes the space where you want to put the cabinet and measurement on the unfinished vanity base cabinets that you want to buy.

All details are important. You need exact measure on its length, width, and height. In addition to it, you may also consider the gaps needed between furniture and other important measurement to consider.

Exact measurement allows you to get fitting cabinets without any further issue on getting too large or too small cabinets. If it’s meant for your kids, make sure to include your kids height on consideration.


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2. Consider the Needed Designs

What are you going to do with the cabinets? If it is used to store your clothes, you may need more drawers than usual. If you want to use the cabinets for bathroom vanity, you may want to consider more shelves to store extra towels and toiletries.

If you want to use it as kitchen cabinet, you may want to have bigger shelves in it so you can store your cooking tools and small amenities in it. If you are going to attach sink on it, consider how the plumbing fits as well in it.

3. Compare Quality to Price to Budget

Being unfinished, it is easier for you to decide if the cabinet is made of good wood or not. Good wood is preferable for stronger build and longer service. Better quality commonly costs more money.

However being unfinished, the cabinet is commonly offered in much cheaper price than the usual base cabinet.

Before deciding on any cabinet, it will be important to stick on your budget as well. In most cases, it is possible for you to buy better cabinet with more affordable rate. When the three factors are counted, you are ready to make your choice.

4 Simple tips to Get the Right Unfinished Vanity Base Cabinets

4. Decide on Targeted Look

It is often needed to decide on the targeted look before you decide on certain cabinet to buy.

First, not every wood is modifiable. So if you think you need some alteration, consider your wood options.

Second, you may want to add marble counter top or sink on top of the cabinet, so wood strength and assembling will be crucial to check.

Third, several wood varieties will need additional treatment before you can paint it.

Meanwhile, several others can be painted immediately. The amount of finishing steps will affect your budget as well so decide it first before shopping.

Unfinished vanity base cabinets offer you several benefits from freedom to modify to more affordable price to pay. However, applying the appropriate steps in choosing and buying will be necessary to ensure you get the best on your budget. Apply it and see what you can secure.


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