Unfinished cabinets with drawers and double sink

How to Use Unfinished Cabinets with Drawers in Your House

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Rustic trend is hot right now, and the idea of adding unfinished cabinets with drawers is brilliant. It has the rustic pure look while it is actually fully functional.

Depending on the size and design, we can use this furniture item in several ways.

Check out the following list to really use it well.


1. Night Stand

If you get the small one, you can actually use it as a night stand. Its small size makes it a perfect fit beside your bed.

You can get a couple of it for the same look on both sides of the bed, but using different night stand on each side is on trend today.

Add needed decor from night lamp to alarm on it.

You will need the right height and you will need good finishing so its surface is safe for your skin. If it is too high or too big, this item will be a great a tea table on your porch.

Unfinished natural night stand with cabinet and drawer

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2. Dressing Table

If the cabinet is big enough and long enough, it can be a perfect dressing table. You will need some space so you can sit comfortably. However, don’t stick with the mainstream set up. Explore the possibilities and use it in the right way.

It needs to be on the right height as well to serve as a dressing table, and you are going to need a mirror to complete it. In addition to the mirror, fitting stool or chair will be needed to provide you with seating space. The rustic look will give the room an original yet elegant look.

Oak unfinished wood dressing table with mirror and chairs

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3. Bathroom Vanity

If your unfinished cabinet is on the right height to be a bathroom vanity, you should consider using it this way. You are going to need to make several adjustments in order to add sink and set up the plumbing right. It isn’t going to take too much effort to make the alteration.

In addition to the alteration, you may also need to add a little decoration touch on it. Unfinished cabinet will work with white color, or even contrasting marble sink to make it pops out. Don’t forget to add earth element like small plant with green color on it. It makes it even more interesting.

Single sink unfinished bathroom vanity cabinet ideas
Image: embedbath.com

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4. Cloth Drawers

In alternative to the bathroom vanity, you should also consider using it as your cloth drawers. Being a cabinet, you actually have several spaces to store your clothes and perhaps more items as well in it. However, if you use it this way, you will need to have several more additions too.

A mirror hanging above it is essential. It makes it a complete set. A small area rug should complete the set and create a special space for the dressing area. Being a drawer, you don’t need to add stool or chair. However, a little decoration will complement the whole set up.

This unfinished cabinet is a perfect item according to today’s trend, thanks to its rustic finish. Completed with several drawers, it makes it even better for a a lot of purposes. Which one are you gonna go?

Unfinished Cloth Drawers

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