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How to Maximize Bathroom Vanity Sets Clearance

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When you find any clearance on your vanity sets, it’s better for you to make the most of it.

Maximizing the clearance of your vanity sets will not only give you extra space to put any toiletries near the vanity but also allow you to make your bathroom look compact.

Therefore, here are some tips you may try in order to maximize the clearance.

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1. Place a Towel Ring or Rail

Towel is one of the most important toiletries that you will need immediately in some particular times. Thus, placing a towel rail or ring near your vanity can be a good idea.

A small towel will be enough since you may use it after you wash your hands or something on your vanity sink. Place the towel right above the vanity sink to make you easier in grabbing it.

2. Place a Wire Basket

The next thing that you can place near your vanity is a wire basket. This wire basket will be very useful in case the top your vanity is already full with other toiletries.

Put all the stuff that you won’t need immediately like a shampoo, perfume or any other things. Make sure that you make a strong and solid wire basket so that the stuff will not fall down easily.

3. Place a Soap Holder

Placing soap holder can be a need that is so necessary in maximizing your vanity sets clearance. As we all know, we can never put a bar soap together with all other toiletries in the previous wire basket that you already placed.

If you prefer to use a liquid soap, that this soap holder will not e necessary since liquid soap is bottled and you can simply put it in the wire basket with all other toiletries. This soap holder idea will definitely work well for those who use a bar soap.

4. Place a Shelf

Bathroom vanity mirror with shelf

Just like a wire basket, this additional shelf will be useful when you can’t store any toiletries on the top of your vanity anymore.

The main difference is this shelf will work well to contain any bigger toiletries that you can’t store in the wire basket. Placing an additional shelf will also make you easier in classifying all the toiletries that you have in your bathroom.

5. Place a Medicine Cabinet

The last but not least, you can surely add a cabinet that is specially used to store some medicines near your vanity sets.

Although it seems less important than all the previous tips, it’s always better for you to anticipate all the unexpected and unpredicted things that may happen when you are in your bathroom.

Use this cabinet to store all kind of medicines that you and your family probably need one day.

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There is always something you can do in order to maximize the clearance that you find on your bathroom vanity sets. Although it’s not a must to use the space, but you will find any significant difference once you make the most of the clearance.

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