Large dining table decor ideas with candle centerpieces

How to Decorate A Large Dining Room Table

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As how dining room comes with various designs, a dining room table also comes in different sizes, one of which is large.

Some homeowners may get confused of how to keep the large table interesting and warm enough for them and their guests in a dining time.

Here, you should choose the right size for you. Relaxed! We’ve got you covered with some ideas below:


1. Combining Formal and Traditional Styles

You don’t need to opt between traditional and formal styles if you can just combine them. For your large dining room table decor, try to use these classic elements: the grand table made of dark wood, push dining chairs in soft grey, glass double doors, and a complementary sideboard.

To complement the design, opt for transitional light wood mixed with beige hue for the flooring and grey shade for the walls.

To add color to the large dining table, add some centerpieces such as flowers in maroon color. Place them exactly in the center of the table.

2. Keep it Basic and Chic

Not favoring an elaborate table? You are surely allowed to keep your large dining table basic. Go get a wooden larger table in a medium tone wood and arrange some dinnerware on it.

Simply use your white dishes that you use every day, cloth napkins, and some even jam jars or clear glasses. For the diner seating, you can use wooden bench with the same color tone with the table.

Place some baskets of colorful fruits on the table to add some colors to the large dining table. For the centerpiece itself, add a candle and place it in the center of the table.

Large dining table decor ideas with candle and glass centerpieces and near wall shelves

3. Large Items Power

Your large dining table should not be boring. One of the ways to make it interesting is add some artistic elements to your dining room. Hang a sized chandelier alongside your large dining table.

Actually, the chandelier doesn’t need to be really oversized. It is only the extra width coming from the dining table that makes the room more massive.

Besides, you can pair your large dining table with another large item, such as a large geometric wall art that spreads out from one side of the table to the other side. Complement the look of the dining table with walls and floor in white color.

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4. Make it Like a Private Cabin

Some homeowners, maybe including your, may think that a large dining table will create a more friendly and warmer feel in the dining room than a big island.

You may be wrong as placing a large dining table in the center of a kitchen will warmly welcome your dining guests and family to linger and gather together.

Surround the large dining table with appliances in stainless steel and a sink in farmhouse style. Using large dining table means having more chances to try new designs and decorations.

If you happen to have a large dining table, don’t get intimidated by the size, knowing that it’ll be difficult to décor it. If you don’t like something complicated, you can always go simple and basic as stated above.

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