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Different Types Bathroom Vanity Base Cabinets

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When it comes to the types of vanity base cabinet in the bathroom, we have as much choice as we do on regular cabinets.

There are abundant number of choices and options with many styles and finishes as well. If we are going to explore all types available, we need to go through categories instead of mentioning one by one.

If you are looking for ideas to buy, read along to find the right types.

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1. Types Based on the Final Look

Based on this category, the base cabinet can be separated into two groups.

First, the finished cabinets which are very common and are available in hundreds of finish and shades options. The options spread from classic to Victorian, modern to minimalist, and futuristic styles.

Second, we have the unfinished cabinets. They are often considered pleasant option for those who like to add personal touch on it.

Recently, this type becomes more popular as rustic becomes a serious trend in interior design. Unlike the finished cabinets, this one is commonly on modern or classical only, nothing in between.

2. Types Based on the Cabinet Doors

According to the cabinet doors, we have closed cabinet and open shelves cabinet. The closed cabinet commonly consists of a few shelves and drawers with doors to cover.

This is the most common and early concept of cabinet. It protects things from the outside air and dust, and it is available on many styles as well.

Meanwhile, the open shelves offer layers of racks which are attractive too. Even though we often see this type on minimalist style, it is actually available in many styles as well.

It may not protect stuffs as great as the one with doors, but it makes a wonderful display while being fully functional.

3. Types Based on Timeline

Based on the timeline, we can find so many types of vanity base cabinets. The old types include classic, Victorian, gothic, and so many others.

They are rich with intricate details and elegant colors and they make perfect piece for an elegant bathroom. We also have modern types that include all styles from minimalist to futuristic.

They are commonly simple yet efficient. Their sharp and clean look offers fresh and dynamic atmosphere in the room. As an alternative, we also still have 70’s, 60’s, 50’s, and many other types.

4. Types Based on Design

Outside the categories above, we still have many types for the vanity base cabinet depending on the design. Shabby chic is one of the examples.

Even though it expresses more feminine touch, many people find it incredibly nice to have and to look at. There are other types too with simpler design or even more elaborated design line.

The fact that there are so many different types for the vanity cabinet base informs us that we have a lot of options for this furniture piece alone.

Depending on how we decorate the bathroom, it shouldn’t be hard for us to find the right base cabinet. So among the entire types, which one do you fancy the most?

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