Kitchen Cabinets Refacing Before and After and the Cost

Kitchen Cabinets Refacing Before and After and the Cost

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Refacing kitchen cabinets would be a great idea for giving your kitchen a new and fresh atmosphere.

But before you reface your kitchen cabinets there are some things you need to measure and consider.

To find out more about refacing cabinets, check out these following explanations written below:

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1. Before Refacing

Before you do the refacing, make sure that the cabinets you are about to reface can hold up for more years to come.

If the cabinets are not in good shape (for example, the carcass has holes and there are some cracks on it or there are some mold and mildew) then it would be better than replace it completely with the new ones.

But if the cabinets are still in good shape, then to reface them would be a good idea.

2. After Refacing

There are some ideas of refacing your old kitchen cabinets and the first idea is to keep it contrast; you can repaint the cabinet doors with another color.

But if you want a total difference of kitchen atmosphere, you may replace the doors and shelves with the new ones with different design and color.

Also, check the color of the granite in your kitchen. If it has a bright color like white; then the cabinets should be changed into the darker color like black, maroon, or dark brown. Also, make sure the replacement design enriches the kitchen environment.

If you have a spacious kitchen with black or any dark granite then refacing the cabinets with bright and neutral color like white is a great idea. But, make sure the handles of the cabinet doors are changed as well.

Keep them simple yet must be contrast with the cabinet color (in this case; black). Changing the color of your cabinets into black while it has also dark granite is fine too. But, make sure that your kitchen has enough bright color (example: walls, lamp, and decoration) to balance it.

Kitchen Cabinets Refacing

3. The Cost

The last thing you need to consider is your budget. Make sure that your budget is able to cover all of the expenses.

The handle itself would be $5 up to $25 each, depends on the quality. Also, the hinge each would be $2 up to $20 based on the quality. The cabinet door is $50 up to $60 each.

Say, let’s choose the best quality materials. If there are 20 doors need to be replaced, as for the handles it would be $500 while the hinges would be $400. The cabinet doors would be $1,200. The total of refacing 20 cabinet doors would be $2,100.

The cost will, rise if you hire someone to do the job. It would be $100 per door. So the total would increase to $4,100. How about the supply to do the job? For one door it would probably cost $25. Now, the total would be $4,600.

From the information above, it can be concluded that refacing the cabinets need measurements to consider. The first measurement is the condition of the cabinet carcass. The second measurement is the color and the design of the cabinet and how it would enrich the kitchen design. Third, it would be less expensive if you do it yourself.

Kitchen cabinet refacing before and after

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