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Toe Kick Bracket and How It Helps Your Kitchen

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This is basically one of the ways in which you can maximize the function of your kitchen.

This bracket is getting more common now for many people, and it can deliver nice functions and benefits you should consider.

Let’s start by understanding what it is and what the benefits are.


What is Toe Kick Bracket?

Toe kick is basically a space under the cabinet that is commonly 3 inches deeper than the other cabinet face. It allows you feet to have some space so you can stand closely to the counters.

Today, this toe kick is enhanced for many reasons, from better look to more function. People like it decorative while other people like to add drawers too for more storage.

The additional functions here will require some help and this is when the bracket comes in handy.

It is basically attached to the toe kick face. It explains why there will be no change on your cabinet and toe kick face. It remains the same and no one know you add something underneath.

You will need to add a kind of handle on the toe kick face so you can pull it out. Once you pull it out, you recognize the bracket is delivering new functions, depending on what you add on it.

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White cabinet Toe Kick Base

How Can We Use Toe Kick Bracket?

Even though this bracket enables you to have many kinds of addition under the cabinet, people use it mainly for two main functions.

  1. As Folding Stool Bracket

As explained before, this bracket will be attached to your toe kick face. It can slide out and in so you can store your folding stool in there.

Every time you need to use the stool, you only need to pull over the toe kick face. It will slide open and you can use the stool. When you are done, fold the stool and push it into the toe kick.

It will be stored nicely and your toe kick face remains the same. You may need additional plate for the stool and handle on the toe kick face to pull it over.

This is a convenient solution for your little kids and yourself especially when you need to reach above the counter. Make sure to get the right measurement for the bracket and consider hiring a pro to install it for smooth result.

  1. As Additional Drawers

Of course, it is a valuable space in which you can store some more without compromising your comfort while standing in front of the counter.

Instead of leaving the space blank, you can install a new drawer with this bracket without changing the toe kick look. This is even simpler to make than the previous function.

In conclusion, the toe kick bracket comes in handy when you want to utilize the toe kick space for more function. It takes careful installation of course, but it supports your productivity and comfort in the kitchen, not to mention more storage you can use. Want to buy one?.

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