How to Decorate Square Dining Table

How to Decorate Square Dining Table

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Square dining table is one of the most popular shapes people like to have. It is easy to set up the seats, and depending on the size, it always fit on any size of room.

However, it can look too dull sometimes for being so simple. A little decoration will help and the following guide should help you out.

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1. Decide Your Focal Point

This is the most important step to make the first time. You need to decide where you want your centerpiece to be. If you seat four people or more, the focal point is often the center of the table.

However if it is possible for you to spare some space, choosing one of the corners for focal point is totally stylish.

Your focal point will be the center of attention and the atmosphere should spread on the whole table. It is important to consider if everyone gets enough space to eat and sit during the dining so it won’t make anyone feels uncomfortable.

How to decorate a small square dining table

2. Add Centerpiece

Now that you decide your focal point, you can start consider adding the centerpiece. Centerpiece is the main decoration you will display.

The other smaller decoration details will follow the palette, style, and composition. You can elaborate the centerpiece a little but make sure you don’t add the size considering everyone’s comfort later.

The most common centerpiece is flower vase and fruit bowls, but you should also consider other things you like.

Glasses and candles, an array of your DIY art pieces, and other uncommon things are actually fine to add. Make sure it delivers your style and has balance on the composition.

3. Complete with the Linens

Now, decide on your linens from napkin to everything. Decide the color from the centerpiece palette to create consistency and harmonious look.

While deciding on the colors is important, you also need to consider the size of the linens. Do you want to cover the entire table? Do you want to use it as accent only?

When you decide on the color and size of the linen, you can start decide the placement. Make sure it only makes the eating convenient and comfortable for everyone. You may not need to cover the table with linen at all and using only dining mat and napkin with simplicity.

Square dining table cloth linens

4. Define the Eating Space

Now, enrich the decoration in everyone’s eating space. Arrange the mat in the center of their space and add the cutleries there. Then, you can elaborate with the napkin.

Fold it in a creative way possible to add some sweetness on it. You can also add more stuffs as accessories in there. It will enhance the look of the space and create warm feeling.

Instead of using plain cutleries, you can choose plates with matching color to the decoration, and add accent on the other things with similar colors.

Sp basically, decorating a square dining table isn’t merely about the table. You need to work out from the table to the other things on it.

It is more of a combination instead of the table alone when it comes to decoration. Happy decorating!

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