Most Popular Kitchen Hutch Design

Most Popular Kitchen Hutch Design for Best Display

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Kitchen hutch is a focal point in your kitchen. You can display food and kitchen utility in your hutch.

Therefore, a perfect hutch is needed. Here are the popular designs of a kitchen hutch. Take a look and get ready to pick.

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1. Freestanding Hutch

This design is popular to reflect the heirs in China. Yes, you can use a black China hutch in this design. It won’t be old cabinets anymore because it has a new design.

You will find it with open storage in upper level and the close cabinetry below it. It can also give the best contrast, if you put this cabinet in a crimson wall.

2. Cottage Style Hutch

If you like small hutch, this design is the one. Although small, it still provides a good space for displaying stuffs. It has solid doors below the hutch and makes it perfect for storage place.

Meanwhile on the top hutch, there is glass door which makes it attractive to see. It also has another benefit which is easily to move.

This cottage style hutch comes with blue colors. No matter how you put it, it will match beautifully with its surrounding.

Cottage Style Hutch

3. Built-in Hutch

This design is perfect if you want to show your glasses and dishes collection. It has a glass-front as upper sideboard and closed cabinetry below it.

It is the best choice for an extra storage in this big hutch. It looks elegant in white while it also gives you a perfect storage.

Built-in Hutch design

4. Furniture-Style Cabinetry

This design comes with warm accent of wood which should be perfectly fit to your kitchen. This hutch is designed as your cabinets with three levels storage.

The top one is designed in the glass paneled type door. You can display your dishes collection in this level.

The second level is the hide clutter with paneled door. The bottom one is the cabinetry made of solid wooden. The three level storage in this hutch will not only good as a storage but also a good display to add in your kitchen.

Furniture-Style Cabinetry

5. Open Shelving Design

This design uses the beveled-glass door cabinetry. It is great to display your collection there. It can also reflect the sunlight when it comes to your kitchen. It makes the atmosphere warm and lively. This hutch has open shelving between the two glass cabinetry.

You can use this open shelving to display other things beside your dishes and kitchen stuffs. You can put photos or other works of yours as well. Make it shines in your own kitchen.

Besides that, this hutch also has a closed cabinetry as storage below the display place. This hutch is quite elegant and it is a useful piece to put in the kitchen.

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Remember that the hutch will affect your display. Choose the best hutch design to make your display brighter. You can design your hutch as you like as long as it is suitable with the entire concept of your kitchen.

It is also important to consider on function as well instead of implying only on display setting. So, which one looks like a perfect match for your kitchen?

Open Shelving Kitchen Hutch design

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