How to Clean Formica Table Top

How to Clean Formica Table Top in Few Minutes!

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When you have great furniture in your house, it means that you should have some regular activities in cleaning and taking care of them.

The important to do is Formica table top cleaning. Formica table is known as beautiful furniture to complete the look of your lovely house.

Besides, it is also popular as the well-known brand of countertops that has lots of patterns and styles. Moreover, it is also known as great furniture that is able to beauty your beloved house’s outlook.

However, when it comes to the one activity, that is cleaning, you should make sure that you are able to do it regularly. Particularly, when you want the look of your Formica table top still beautiful and best in its durability.

Therefore, in helping you with this idea we are helping you with some suggestion that you can do by yourself in few minutes. So, are you interested to know more? Here, just read by yourself.

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Formica top folding table

Be Ready with Your Materials!

The first idea that you have to prepare relates to the materials that needed by you when you are cleaning your Formica table top. The first tool that is a must is countertop cleaning supplies. Furthermore, you will need other supporting tools, such as: cleaning rags, especially one that is not abrasive, bucket, gloves, wire brush, and even glass cleaner.

These equipment will help you in supporting your activity, particularly in cleaning and taking care your furniture such as Formica table top. If your tools are already completed, you just can go to the next step.

The second thing that you should do after preparing tools is to clear the counter top. You can start by removing some spots by using sponges and use a trusted Formica cleaning to support you in removing the spots.

After it is done, you can go to the next step that is to use a cloth especially that not contains abrasive. Cloth is known as one of supporting tools that is best to be used as the cleaner for Formica. You can add a little liquid detergent on the surface of the cloth and wring it with warm water. Then, you can scrub to the place that need to be cleaned.

Formica top table and chairs

Rinse and Dry

After you know those steps, you can go to these two steps. The first one is to rinse the countertop with clean water. If you have already washed it with clean water, you can wash it with cloth or even towel, especially one that is non-abrasive. Furthermore, do not wait until the water penetrates at the Formica table top, but use towel or cloth to keep it away from wet.

We hate to do it, because there is a reason that we have to remember. So, what is that? Formica is known as the furniture that is known with its durability, but when it comes to be wet, it will not stay longer anymore. The reason, because the water that is penetrated to the Formica will cause the layer separates and ruin the countertop.

Briefly, those are the best options that you can do by yourself. Particularly, since it is easy to do and not taking much time. So, remember that cleanness is essential! Do not ever forget to clean your furniture, especially how to Clean Formica table top.

Formica top dining table

How to clean formica table top

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