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Inspiration on How to Decorate Dining Table with Table Runner

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Table runner is the simple way that you can do in decorating your dining table.

Just put certain table runner in your dining table which matches the atmosphere in your dining room and it will make your dining room looks more beautiful than before.

Then, how should you put the table runner?. Here is some tips for you.


1. Right on the Center

Placing it on the center of the table in a straight line is powerful enough to create interest on your table. This especially works on rectangular tables in simplistic room.

However, pick the cloth carefully to create a good focus. On simple tables such as glass table or plain colored ones, using bold colors or patterned table runner would pin people’s eyes.

On tables with complicated carvings and patterns such as marble tops or antique wooden tables, use plain softer colors to lighten the mood.

Arranging the table runner like this will help you to get guests’ attention to the center of the table.

How to decorate dining room table with runner

2. Crossing the Table

Arranging table runners to make an X on your table can also create accent. The table runners will work as borders for each person on table.

They give off sense of individuality, making everyone focuses to business instead of pep talk.

They also work to give better focus for dishes to shine. Of course, to create greater effects, you will need bolder table runners.

This is a great arrangement for quick dining sessions, formal parties, meetings, or a special dining party to show off your great dishes.

Dining table runner decoration ideas for christmas

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3. Covering the Edges

If your table cloth happens to be too short to drape on the table sides, table runner can save the occasion. Pine them to the sides to make a makeshift curtain.

They will not work as centerpiece – they can be bad coincidences such as short table cloth, stain on sides, or awkward tables instead.

However, in buffet dinners, they will gather focus. This is because the table have table runner on their borders, highlighting the table and dishes to guests’ eyes.

Besides, it gives off vintage shabby-chic vibe – perfect for classy and casual parties.

Faux Burlap table runners for formal dining room

4. Pad Up Your Centerpiece

Have you been bothered about the centerpiece on dining table that doesn’t seem to catch eyes? You can help them with table runners.

It’s really easy – pick a short table runner, short enough to not touch much less drape over the table’s sides.

Get one with bold color or pattern and put it under the table’s centerpiece. It will withdraw peoples focus on it. The table runner works both as attention glue and contrasting background – popping out your centerpiece like never before.

If you want total focus, pick the table runner contrasting to the table’s and the centerpiece’s color.

So, you should try to put it in your dining table. It is a small effort to make your dining room more beautiful just in a snap. You can gradually change the color or the motives of your table runner to give you fresh view, so your family will not be easily bored.

Red dining room table runner

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