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Pros and Cons Using Toe Kick Grille

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Toe kick grille is actually quite popular but many people are still foreign with this.

While it offers the same function as other grille, there are more factors to consider if you are thinking about installing it.

Before we settle on any decision, it will be wise to know more on this grille first.


What is Toe Kick Grille?

This is basically air vent that is perfect to install under the kitchen cabinet, right on your toe kick. As we know it, toe kick often offers available space behind the face.

People like to use it for so many additional functions from additional storage to folding stool keep. The same space is ideal for grille as well. It allows us to have additional vent without changing anything on the above.

Of course, it isn’t as simple as that. We will need to make sure the installation is built perfect and organized.

First, we need to provide the tunnel so the air can get in and out. If you use this for your oven, you need an expert to make the right installation.

Toe kick grille comes in many designs. Most of them are made of steel even though there are more than enough color options as well.

The most important thing while choosing this grille is on the material. You want a nice lifespan for this vent so you need good quality steel for it.

Kitchen toe kick vent under cabinet

The gap between each bar is also crucial while you also need to pay attention for the bolts places. Even though it mostly comes in standard size, it is extremely important to get the right measurement based on your toe kick dimension.

It is also important to check if you cabinet material is sturdy enough for it. Even though most cabinets should be fine, old cabinet is maybe no longer strong enough.

It is always wise to check on the place where you want the grille to be before settling down on installing.

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Pros and Cons of the Toe Kick Grille


As has been mentioned before, it is always an advantage to have additional vent. If it is connected to one of your kitchen amenities, it makes sure it works ultimately and properly while it keeps the kitchen air healthy.

It doesn’t take too complicated installation given to using the toe kick space so you don’t need to modify a lot in your kitchen.

In addition to it, the location is convenient as it doesn’t take any other space in the kitchen.


However, it can be dangerous as well especially as your feet spend times in front of the toe kick while cooking.

The risk should include small injury as you accidentally kick the bars and heating issue if you are cooking, especially when it is connected to your kitchen amenity like oven.

It explains why many recommendations tend to forbid you to use it as oven vent.

In sum, this grille is a great addition to the kitchen. However, it takes careful consideration and installation to make sure it works properly as well. Make sure to contact an expert or pro for this.

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