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How to Choose the Right Toe Kick Vent Cover

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It is no longer a new thing to use your toe kick as additional vent.

However, choosing the cover yourself is probably a new thing. There are more than enough options actually yet selecting one can be tough sometimes.

If you need some help, the following steps should help you to get the right one.


1. Get the Measurement First

Even though most of this item comes as standard, it is still important to know your space. Sometimes, it can be a little tricky on the bolts positions.

It can be unfit too sometimes. Knowing the measurement first will help you to get the right design and size for your toe kick vent.

First, measure the vent hole and measure the entire space around it on your toe kick face. This will define the needed size and the possible coverage for it.

Jumping on assumption without actually measuring it often causes disappointment as you get the wrong size.

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2. Choose Your Material

The next thing is to decide on the material. Like many other house hardwares, this toe kick vent cover is available on so many different materials.

You’ll be able to find wood to steel vent covers out there. So which one is the best? It depends on your situation.

The type of wood your cabinet uses will define what the best material for the vent cover is. It affects on how strong the cabinet can hold the cover.

Brass is often a good alternative for being lighter than steel but tougher than wood. In addition to it, the color gives natural style on its own.

Metal Toe Kick Vent Cover

3. Quality Check

This is probably one of the most important steps to make and this is pretty simple. You want good quality vent cover and only good brands can deliver it.

Searching based on the brands is the quickest way to make sure the design, material, and the details are precise and correct.

On the other hand, you should give new brands a shot too. Some of them are really good while the price is much lower.

You need sturdy cover with appropriate venting and easy to use bolts holes. The rest could follow from there but quality is what gives you the function and life span.

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4. Consider Styling

While this shouldn’t be the first to think about, it plays crucial role in how it looks in the end. Surprisingly, toe kick vent cover is available on many styles as well.

Of course, most houses use standard vent cover with usual look. While it remains effective on its core function, it can ruin your kitchen cabinet look.

Many people give final layer of color finish to match the cabinet. Meanwhile, you should consider using cover that features attractive patterns on it.

The stylish ones cost more but it is worth it if you take interior look seriously.

So it is pretty simple to choose the right way. This is a small item and if you fail on this too, you are hopeless.

Make sure you pick the right vent cover for your toe kick vent and enjoy how it helps your daily life.

Wood Toe Kick Vent Cover

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