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This item has been hanging around on a lot of houses but we may never pay enough attention to it.

Instead of being only an accent to the house, this is actually has significant function we can’t underestimate.

Learn the facts on this toe kick register and understand what you need to look for when buying from there.

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1. Standard Width, More Length Options

There are more than enough options when it comes to length. Even though most of them appear to two-side design, the length can be different. If you only have a small space, you should consider taking the tiny one.

It isn’t long enough, around 11 inches long. It is a suitable fit for a small corner. You should be able to find 15 to 20 inches long register as well in alternatives but the width is commonly 3.75 inch.

Wood Toe Kick Register

2. It Doesn’t Have to be in the Toe Kick

The fact that the shape is convenient enough, it doesn’t necessarily have to be placed at the toe kick. The size should fit in anywhere in the house. It means you have freedom to use it for your vent.

Many people simply use it anywhere they need too. They consider styling and finishing when they want it to blend in. So if you want to use on the other part of the house, it is fine.

3. It Comes in Many Options of Material

Back in the days, toe kick register is only available on steel without additional finishing. So when it gets the rust, you need to replace it if you don’t want the ugly look.

Today, you have wooden, steel, aluminum, to plastic register. Each materials offer its perks and you can choose depending on your need and preferences.

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4. It Comes with Style

While the shape is always rectangular, the vent actually is available on many styles. You will find classic styled vent to modern to minimalist registers. They often come with specific finish as well so the style is ultimate.

This makes it possible for you to use it on an exposed area without risking your interior look. With this style, the register serves more than its function. It helps in keeping the interior style consistent.

5. Some Come with the Whole Venting Kit

Instead of only the register alone, you can actually buy a set so it is a sure thing that the whole things will fit. Even though finding the right set separately is highly possible too, it will be easier to buy one with the whole venting kit.

You don’t need to check on the measurement and details, and the price is often more affordable.

Shopping for the right toe kick vent is a lot more convenient now with the fact that it is available on so many options and alternatives.

While the look plays important role, you also need to stick on the quality for best function. By knowing the facts about toe kick vent, you’ll be able to narrow down your choices.

Bronze Toe Kick Register

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